Real quick.....great site...ome of the few forums I found that I call great. ...and ive learned great forum equals great people.

Live i Florida almost in a flood zone. Water table is very high. Right now its about a foot and a half down.
My area where pool..... 14' x 42" Intex Ultra frame ....but is about an inch off. Along with that the middle is about two inches low.
and use pavers of course.
So do I.....?
Take soil from dirt piles I have in far back area of yard and fill ....then rent a walk behong compactor? (I own a compact traxtor with loadr)
Now Ive learned (from here ) its a rule to dig out vs filling in for OGP.....but if I do the other which is....

Dig out and level....then worry aboit the lower part ...which is under pool..... But filling ip woth water and become a mud hole. . If I dig up the grass I will be losing about four inches of grade because the why this southern grass and root system is......maybe more like 2-3 inches below grade.

Now I know someone might say do this and that......but im broke right budget is very very low. (wished I had founf the site and researched a bit more prior to buying the pool for the kids....woild have bought another blow up ring style like last time and just filled it

Sorry for the misspellings.....on my phone and its acting up.