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Thread: Starting up or closing a pool - Cleaning equipment with acid

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    Starting up or closing a pool - Cleaning equipment with acid

    NOTE: All standard disclaimers about muriatic acid safety precautions apply - they are assumed here - so they are not explicitly described in this post, which is more about curious experimental results than about anything else.

    Being relatively new to pool equipment maintenance, I wasn't sure how to clean up this age-old scale on my pumps:

    Having never done this before, I decided to see if pouring 28% HASA muriatic acid on the pumps would work to remove the hard-water scale:

    Within seconds, almost all the whitish scale had been dissolved off the pool pump:

    Leaving the old pool pump looking relatively clean and shiny again:

    One unexpected problem was that, after a few hours of acid, the spray bottle mechanism inexplicably just stopped pumping.
    The white tip had some kind of odd greenish color to it:

    Looking closer, I noticed the o-ring was also green - so - maybe the acid attacked the rubber o-ring?

    Whatever it was, it incapacitated the spray bottle - necessitating a pour instead of a light spray cleaning:

    Since the pump worked so well, I tried the same acid-bath test on my pump base to see whether it would equally well remove the scale and rust:

    The acid worked well to remove the white deposits on the flat part of the pump base but, inexplicably, not the rust:

    Plus, it needed a few more applications to wholly remove deposits from the sides:

    In addition, I was hoping (without much reason) that the acid would clear up the cloudy pump basket cover:

    But, it had no effect on the clouded plastic.
    Q: What do you use to clear up cloudy pump baskets?
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    Re: Starting up or closing a pool - Cleaning equipment with

    If you didn't remove any O Rings from your equipment I would recommend replacing them. Acid doesn't play nice with them.
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    Re: Starting up or closing a pool - Cleaning equipment with

    A weak solution of acid, say 10%, does a good job of cleaning up calcium and scale. Just gotta be careful and rinse it off well and not use it on things that you would worry about damaging. Gaskets are cheap enough to replace though.

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    Re: Starting up or closing a pool - Cleaning equipment with

    About all I could suggest for the basket lid is one of those headlamp restoration kits at the auto parts store. I think they're all polycarbonate, so it should work.
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