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Thread: New pool owner with green water problems

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    New pool owner with green water problems

    Hello, I just installed a 24 ft round aboveground pool. It has a deep end and holds 17000 gallons. I had to use well water to fill the pool. It took several weeks to fill it. Towards the end I had a large film of pollen on the surface. I hooked up pump and filter as soon as water reached skimmer. The pump is a hayward extreme with a tube filter. Within an hour all signs of pollen were gone except for a little on walls. Within an hour of running pump the water started turning green. The first test I did had no trace of any chemicals. Using aquachems online tester I started balancing the water. I first added chlorine and extra blue shock. I then added the other chemicals. All my readings are good now but I still have a dark green water. It is clear on top. I can see down about 8 inches. Tonight I added one bottle of 50% algicide. I immediately saw white particles come to top of water. After a few hours I still can not see a difference in color. I'm not sure if I need to add more or if I have problem with metal in water. I was thinking no on the metal issue since it started to turn green before any chemicals were added. The nearest place I can get water tested is thirty miles away. Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: New pool owner with green water problems

    You have algae due to it taking so long to fill and not having any chlorine in it during that time. The first thing you need to do is buy some plain bleach. The cheap walmart brand is great. Start adding bleach.

    Start reading pool school. Learn all you can. It will take several reads as there is SO much info. Do not get overwhelmed. There are answers here to just about any question.

    Next step order a good test kit. That way the testing is always there AND it is a true test. Look in my siggy for a link to the kits. The pool stores are in busy to sell you stuff. This site is NOT so.....

    Good luck and let us know how it is going!

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    Re: New pool owner with green water problems

    Thanks for reply. No change in color this morning. Cleaned filter. The water washing off filter was a bright green almost fluorescent. Added three gallons of bleach. When I left for work this evening no change in color but lots of white particles floating on top of water. I'm going to try to vacume tomorrow. Give it a good scrubbing before adding more bleach. I have rain moving in so not sure how much work I can get done. I have ordered a good tester. Using the drop tester I picked up at store chl levels are around 11 both free and Ava. Ph is around 7.6.

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    Re: New pool owner with green water problems

    Read Pool School. Especially about the shock process.

    How did you measure a FC that high? Which kit did you get?

    You need to get some CYA in the water as currently the sun is breaking down the FC a lot. Although if the water is still green and not clear, there is a lot of algae to kill ... Btw, algaecide does not kill algae, chlorine does.

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    Re: New pool owner with green water problems

    I'm guessing by tube filter you mean a EC65 or something similar? Did you add DE to it when you started the pool up? With proper sanitizer level that system operating properly should clear that pool overnight. Your are going to need about 5#'s of stabilizer but it might be best to hold off. Typically stabilizer is added to the skimmer and will eventually end up in the filter. If your having to backwash daily you will just flush it out and waste it.

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    Re: New pool owner with green water problems

    The forums recommend adding stablilizer (CYA) in a sock (yes an old tube sock or such) and hang it in front of the return. You don't want to add it to the skimmer.
    Some reading: pool-school/recommended_pool_chemicals

    It may be overwhelming at first, but the forums here will help you and give you the best info we can. There is no agenda, we're not trying to sell you anything, but want you to be able to enjoy your pool efficiently.

    CYA - Cyanuric Acid

    CYA can be raised with cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid is sold under a variety of names, including Stabilizer, Conditioner, Instant Pool Water Conditioner, Stabilizer 100, Stabilizer & Conditioner, etc. Instant Pool Water Conditioner is a liquid product which is significantly more expensive than the other forms.

    Solid cyanuric acid should be placed in a sock, and the sock put in the skimmer basket. After adding solid cyanuric acid you should leave the pump running for 24 hours and not backwash/clean the filter for a week. Solid cyanuric acid can take up to a week to fully register on the test, so it is best not to test the CYA level until one week after adding some.
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