So i have a Pentair VS pump hooked up to a Compool and am hooking up a Pool Pilot Total Control System. The pump is wired 240v directly to the panel and controlled by the Compool EasyTouch.

I want to connect the Pool Pilot directly to the electrical panel and have power run through a relay which will only light up the Pool Pilot when the Pump is actually running. This has been described in SUSA's posts and others as well.

So i have ordered a Macromatic COKP01A22 and the 11 pin 70170-D socket. I have seen the wiring diagrams provided by Macromatic, and to be honest i am confused by them. Could someone tell me what should connect to what pin? This is my best thinking...could someone say whether this is right or not?



1:120v Hot from Panel (to power Pool Pilot)
2: 120v Hot (black) to power Macromatic relay
3: 120v from Relay to Pool PIlot (Hot only when relay activated)
5: Monitored Current - Is this one leg of the 240v power to the pump
7: Monitored Current - Presumably this returns the leg in 5 back to the pump.
9: 120v from Relay to Pool Pilot (hot only when relay activated)
10: 120v Neutral (white) to power Macromatic relay
11: 120v Hot from Panel (to power Pool Pilot)