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Thread: Autopilot Dig-220 & general SWG questions

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    Autopilot Dig-220 & general SWG questions

    I am posting this for my dad. I don't know much about them and either does he.

    Long story short he bought a house almost 2 years ago and now is the beginging of 2nd season for the SWG.

    He ended up getting a new Dig-220 & cell last year because both were bad. Never had a problem last year after replacing them. The pool was always clear and good. All we did I believe was got the salt around level 3000. I don't know what we had the purifier leve at as it always changed it and we did not know you should start a 50% and if it goes over 75% change the power level and or if it goes below 25% change the power level etc. Obviously checked all the other levels with the test kit from the site too. During the year last year the purifier level never really went past 75% so I guess we did something right.

    This year somehow he got the purifier level to zero and we couldn't figure out why it kept on saying 0 purifieying. Thought something must be broke again but Duh I figured out just needed to raise it up. Yes we are newbies but I did go to the pool school and read up as much as I can understand.

    He let the pool go over the winter and now is trying to get it clear (it was green) He added lots of bleach, salt and shock & now it is cloudy. The shallow end you can see the bottom but is cloudy & deep end can't see bottom yet.

    What is the correct way to get it cleared up? Running the SWG while changing the chemicals and wait for it to get cleared up or should the SWG be at left at 0 until all the chemicals is in the correct ranges?

    Couple basic SWG questions:

    Today for the first 4 hours it showed the purifier was at 85% he then shut it off (pool breaker (eveything) for a minute or so then for the next 4 hours it showed it was at 45% then he shut it off again for a minute or so and it was at 35%. The pool temp does not change that much this time of year so why does it change that much?

    What does the SWG actually measure? the salt level and anything else?

    The last couple days the pool temp stays in the low 80's

    16' x 40' inground Vinyl liner pool. Has a depth APX of 3 1/2' to 8'. Pool also has a right angle APX 4'10' on shallow end. in Southern Alabama. It is not covered with sun on it most the day. SWG. Apx 31k Gallons, Sand filter with 1 HP Pump. Don't know the flow rate.

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    Re: Autopilot Dig-220 & general SWG questions

    The Purifier % setting should only change by itself, when there are changes in the water temperature. Otherwise, someone is manipulating the output setting. Also, when the unit is first started up, it may (or may not) take a while to get a stable temperature reading, it's important to observe if the temperature displayed is changing too.
    If the tri-sensor is affecting what it reads as a water temperature, rather than the actual water temperature changing (as you said the pool temp does not change much this time of year), then you may need a tri-sensor assembly.

    The AutoPilot has sensors to read the salt, flow, and water temperature. The Salt Sensor shows the salt level is displayed in ppm, and then calculates the amount of chlorine needed, based on the gallons of water entered into the Installer Menu. The Flow Sensor activates when flow is greater than 15 gpm, so that chlorine and hydrogen gases are evacuated from the cell. The Temperature Sensor displays the water temperature, then automatically adjusts the % based on temperature changes. When it gets colder, it will not shut down, but rather, reduce down to 1% at 55 degrees or colder. It does not test for the chlorine level.
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