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Thread: Finally got salty - so gotta ask questions

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    Finally got salty - so gotta ask questions

    After surviving yet another tax season, came to the conclusion I needed SWG to avoid the CL lugging hassle, especially when working late and not making it in time to the store. So, as of today, I have the SWG installed.

    A few questions:

    - Test strip indicated 2,520-2,720 PPM salt (depending on where you judged the peak to stop). Panel instant salinity shows 4,100 and the average salinity (default setting) shows 3,500. Which one do you trust? Last salt add was >24 hrs ago.
    ---If the strip, should I calibrate the panel?
    ---If the panel, which reading?
    ---The water does taste lightly salty (at least to me) so if the rule of thumb is 3,000PPM is the taste threshold, then I am definitely over.

    - What are the best times to run the pump/SWG? Pool is in direct sunlight a good 8 hrs/day. Figured I'd run after the sun goes down to replenish and minimize loss due to sun with a mid/late morning run to get it back up to optimal level and help it get through the day before the evening run (total 6-8 hrs / % output to be determined). Or is it better to go non-stop from mid-afternoon till evening (i.e., the 6-8 hrs consecutively).
    ---Electricity costs are same regardless of time
    ---Just one-speed pump, so no "run it on low for the whole day" option available

    - Any other thoughts/advise (other than "you won't miss your trips to the PS and lugging the CL!")

    As usual, thanks!
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    Re: Finally got salty - so gotta ask questions

    Your manual should give a salt range that specifies when it is producing chlorine. I use a drop based salt test - don't trust the strips much.
    I always recommend running the pump a little during the hottest/sunniest part of the day to avoid "dead spots" areas of weak circulation where the FC may be lacking and the sunlight aggrevates it. We see stories of little "spots" of algae- usually associated with not enough daytime runtime creating these "FC Dead Zones"

    Edit: can you run it like 12-4 then 8-12 then 6-8 or something like that?
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    Re: Finally got salty - so gotta ask questions

    Hey Prav -

    Others may have a different experience with run time and cl production on their setup - here is mine:

    Run Time - 11 AM - 7 PM
    SWCG Output - 60%
    Sun coverage - when not cloudy, it is sunny on the pool from about 8:30 AM - 5 PM

    I am finding this is the sweet spot right now through some various trial and error. I always check in the morning and I am usually in the 5 - 7 ppm range for FC (CYA currently at 70). That may be a little high, but I'd rather that than low. At 40% it was bouncing between 3 - 4 ppm of FC which was a little lower than I was comfortable with.

    I imagine as the sun coverage gets longer as the summer comes, I may have to adjust something up one way or the other. Bottom line - it may take some trial and error, but since you'd be testing with any other cl option anyway, that doesn't really change.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Finally got salty - so gotta ask questions

    I run my pump in the hottest part of the day. For me I normally start around 10-6, and adjust from there based on weather and swimming load .I run at about a 40% output during the summer (my unit is oversized so I'm able to keep the % lower). I keep my CYA around 60-70.
    My method for salt is using the strips to determine about how many bags of salt I need, and add a few bags let it circulate in the water for a few days and let the machine read what's in there and add as I need, until the machine is in the happy range. Both the strips and machines are known to be off by so much so it's hard to calibrate it.

    This is how I do mine.

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