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Thread: Levels out of control. Help.

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    Levels out of control. Help.

    OK, been at this for a few years now and "knew what I was doing". Every year my CYA is low and it takes about 3 lbs to get to the level I need. Didn't test this year, just added 3 lbs. In short, CYA is higher than I wanted, right at 100. Don't usually cover my pool, keep the leaves and such out, but it usually gets pretty green every year (and cleans up beautifully). Never been a problem... just balance, pour the chlorine to it and filter, filter, filter. Was taking the same approach this year. It's a little harder this year because of my CYA level. pH is 7.5. T/A is right at 90.

    I've got the TF-100 test kit. Chlorine should be high (55ppm ish), but when I test and add the DPD, it goes light pinkish for a few moments and then back clear. If I start adding the FAS/DPD drops, it will turn a little pink and with enough drops, back to clear. But if I continue with the CC test, it is registering 10 - 15. Never seen those kind of CC levels. It's almost like my kit has been pranked.

    Also, added a 1/2 cup of DE to my skimmer to help with the filtering (new sand last year). In the past, I needed to backwash often when I first started this process. I'm not getting much increase in pressure at all.

    I'm still a nice dark green, which is really surprising given my chlorine levels. Is the CYA just too high to let the chlorine work?

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    Re: Levels out of control. Help.

    Welcome to tfp, jonymoe

    How did you add your cya?

    We recommend 30-50 ppm cya (unless you have a swg), so I would do a drain/refill to lower. It will be hard to clean your pool up with cya at 100 ppm.

    Quote Originally Posted by jonymoe
    I've got the TF-100 test kit. Chlorine should be high (55ppm ish), but when I test and add the DPD, it goes light pinkish for a few moments and then back clear.
    Add a second scoop and see if it stays pink. See:
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    Re: Levels out of control. Help.

    I suspect its possible that you have Ammonia. Combine that with the high CYA and you've got a battle on your hands. You can purchase an ammonia kit for less than $10 from a petstore like Petco or Petsmart to confirm, read this article: opening-a-pool-to-high-chlorine-demand-ammonia-t6711.html

    and this one: post56824.html#p56824
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