Hi all,

We just purchased a Loop-Loc brand cover on Craigslist, and we were under the impression that the stair flap was on the very end, however when we went to look at it the stair flap is on the end, but along the side (whereas our stairs are direct off the end of the pool) we ended up purchasing the cover anyway, as it was a really good deal. Has anyone here dealt with moving stairs on these? I contacted Loop-Loc, and they responded that we need to send to them via a local dealer, but we're told that, after shipping, repair charges, etc., it isn't cheap (and Loop-Loc will nickel and dime you any way they can -- if the cover isn't deemed "clean and dry" when they receive it, they'll charge you $200 to clean it!)

Those of you who have dealt with these kinds of repairs or adjustments -- did you send it off to the manufacturer, or have someone local do it? I mean, it seems like any local seamstress worth their salt could easily remove the flap (preserving the seam) and then reattach at the end with heavy duty thread, yes?