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Thread: DIY install fiberglass pool

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    DIY install fiberglass pool

    Well the saga begins, after months of planning, months of getting permits the pool arrived.

    I bought a pool thru Sun Pools, great company to deal with.

    The crane didn't show up so I couldn't let a small detail like that stop this project.

    My neighbor was kind enough to let use his lawn which had more room to work with

    it landed without a hitch, 5 of us slowly slide it off, and landed.

    Put down 2 bys to slide off the grass onto the dirt next to the hole

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    That was last Thursday, since then put in all the supplied bulkheads, skimmer box all pre-drilled/cut at factory, they even sent the sealer.

    Today we're trimming up the hole to fit better putting in 2-3" of gravel, cutting a hole for a lite, auto fill and some special stuff to make this an all natural pool without any chemicals, but that's another story.

    The building inspector made the first round of elec and concrete forms for the enclosed pergola to built around it.

    I already install the spa in the ground.

    Hope to have the crane here tomorrow or the next day and then plumb up the the rest of the PVC.

    Still not sure how I want to back fill this Sun Pools recommends sand washed in, but a lot of people use stone.

    Any input on that?

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Backfill choice is somewhat up to you, but you do need to find out from the manufacturer if using stone would void structural warranty. Trilogy recommends 3/8 stone to be used. So check with the manufacturer to protect yourself.
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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Great idea, called said either way no problem, but since there is a lot of clay here he said small stone or crushed gravel.

    He was worried about the sand and and clay mixing rock hard.

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Ambtitious individiual it sounds like. I would wait for solid advice, but I hear stone is best to backfill with most of the time.
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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Well I did get the above info from Sun pools.

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Ok yesterday it went in. 90 minutes we were done, took 4 tries to shave a bit here & there in the rock hard clay.

    I was pleasantly surprised it was level all round.

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    How's it going?


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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    working on the plumbing and pump setup.

    Pouring the pump pad tomorrow.

    Backfill tomorrow or Thursday.

    Dug out the pond for the all natural filtration system.

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Hope Im not too late, I did my own install as well and I used crushed limestone screenings instead of sand. Sand can and will shift with a lot of water(rain, etc.) my patio is proof of that- put it in 6 years ago and now am redoing it due to rainfall and sand running out from underneath. The limestone screenings that I used as a base for my walkway hasn't moved a bit in the same amount of time.
    If you won't void the warranty, I would use 3/8 gravel or limestone screenings.

    I also used an entire tube of silicone around the outside of every fitting I installed(2 main drains, 2 lights, 4 returns) I made sure I had a perfectly flat spot on the outside of the shell, cleaned it good, placed the fitting o-ring and tightened them up then siliconed.

    I pressure tested all plumbing before, during and after backfilling as well as one last time before pouring the concrete.
    If I could go back in time, I would add another return line for better circulation and move 2 returns to better wash the bench seat and stairs.

    Make sure your lights face away from your planned main patio area/house. I did this and am extremely happy since there is a slight glare when on the side facing the lights.
    Dig any and all trenches now, speaker line runs, landscape lights, exterior power, etc.. Not fun doing those after the grass has grown back.

    Think about where/if you are going to have an outdoor changing area and may want power,water,etc.
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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Good points, I'm not using sand, crushed limestone is available here at $50 a yard, stone 3/8-1/2 is $82.

    After 4 days pool still dead level with one foot of water and one foot of stone.

    Right after inspection the rest will be back filled.

    All fitting were but in with marine life caulk 5200, they will be fine, better than silicone.

    But no o rings were used.

    Already did the light with that in mind.

    I was doing the auto fill run, tomorrow, but the shower area outdoors is great idea, need to try and work that in some how.

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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Nova13
    Dug out the pond for the all natural filtration system.
    Interesting. What's this?


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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    I have some of the details in this thread


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    Re: DIY install fiberglass pool

    Ok had the next building dept inspection yesterday, all clear to back fill and rough in electric approved with all types of required grounding.

    In the first pic the pond rough in is visible

    some plumbing

    auto fill


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