I am having my pool installed this week, I am going to install a Liner Shield poolpad bought online. also installing foam poolcove so sand won't sit against wall & rot it. The poolpad sits on a bed of sand which will be a few inches deep so that tells me that the sand will still touch the steel sides just above the bottom U channel rail, should I do something (like tape vinyl tarp or something before putting the sand in & attaching the pool cove? I will only go high enough to keep the sand under the poolpad from contacting the side. My previous pool rotted out on the bottom (about 4 - 6" all the way around the pool) from both the backfill outside & the sand inside acting as the curved pool cove. I know the inside rusted out because where there were uprights where the backfill didn't touch the sides the outside was ok but rust had come through from inside.