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Thread: Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

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    Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

    I'm piecing together bits and pieces for a pool this summer from craigslist. I have a 15'x42" Summer escapes metal frame pool and today I got a Hayward S166T sand filter and pump. Here's my question, when I picked up the filter I was alone and it was insanely heavy. I tipped it over and poured water out of one of the top valves and also some sand poured out. Now I'm wondering if that was a bad thing, did I damage it? Am I'm going to need to replace that sand? It wasn't alot, probably only like 1/2 cup. I'm a total newb at this so I'm not even sure how to hook the thing up.

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    Re: Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

    Welcome to the forum. . If the laterals are uncovered you could check them very carefully but I think the easiest idea would be to hook it up and see what happens. It should be about 2/3 full of sand.
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    Re: Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

    I'm trying to read the manual for my sand filter online. It mentions not getting sand in the laterals or the vertical pipe in the center but it doesn't say what happens if there is sand in those places.
    You suggested hooking it up and seeing what happens, is there any way to check it before I have the entire pool set up and filled? Also what am I looking for?

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    Re: Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

    I've been reading this forum all day and its making my head spin! Lol.

    I'm starting to wonder if my pump and filter are mismatched/too big. I can't find any real info on the pump online, but its a 1 hp Baquapure workhorse pump. Is that too big for my sand filter, Hayward 16" S166T? I only paid $40 for the pair so I think I could resell them on craigslist if they weren't a good match to my 15x42" metal frame pool.

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    Re: Bought a used Hayward Sand Filter

    If you got sand in the standpipe, all that would happen is that you would shoot it back into the pool. Next time you vacuum it would go back in the filter and you'd be set. If it's only a half cup that dumped out when it tipped, I wouldn't worry about it.

    As for sizing, I have the next size up filter with a 1HP pump, and it's too much pump. I'm in the process or downsizing the impellers, but I won't know how much of a difference it makes for a few weeks.
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