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Thread: Need Pump & Skimmer Advice

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    Need Pump & Skimmer Advice

    First post. Have been doing a lot of reading on this great site.

    I have a leaf problem from a couple of trees just over the wall from my pool in an HOA common area. I currently run my pump (Hayward Super II SP-3010, 1.0 HP, 1.65 SF) about 8 hours during off peak hours (9pm-noon) since electric rates are low (approx 5 cents, no demand charge). Day time rates are about 10 cents per KWH plus demand charge of about $13.50 per KW.

    Would like to find a low energy solution so I can run the pump during the day to catch leaves (which are very small, approx 1/4 inch x 1/8 inch) and stems (similar size to cherry stems) before they start to sink.

    Have ruled out VF pump since they're too long to fit in space on pad next to concrete wall. After much reading, am considering:
    1. Replacing motor on pump with 2 speed motor, but don't know how to select motor to match impeller.
    2. Purchasing new pump (existing pump is about 17 years old, motor is about 7 years old).

    I have one Poolskim, which works "ok" with current flow. Only have 3 returns, one of which is already restricted to get Poolskim to work. Have also seen Dragonfly on this site which might be better at lower flow since it works off suction side.

    Pool is about 12,000 gallons w/ spa (500 gal?) & overspill (18 inches above pool). Hayward S-244 3.1 sq ft sand filter. Extra booster pump (1.5HP) for spa jets. Gas heater. 2 inch suction pipes (1 from drain, 1 from skimmer). 1.5 inch returns to pool (I suspect they are all piped from one one 1.5 in return). PoolCleaner suction cleaner.

    1. Might one of those Speck Badu EcoM3 pumps work? Looks like it uses little energy at low speed, though I'm not sure flow would be sufficient for (1) backwashing on high speed and (2) Poolskim at low speed.
    2. If I replaced motor, any recommendations?
    3. Would it be better to replace whole pump? Recommendations on pump?
    4. Would Poolskim or something else be advised for skimming? Need something external, skimmer placement is horrible due to prevailing winds.

    Any other ideas welcome.
    12,500 gal inground pebbletec pool w spa spillover; Pentair Superflo VS 342001 pump; 1.5HP Hayward Super2 booster for spa jets; 3.1 Hayward sand filter; gas heater; 2x suction PoolCleaner

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    Re: Need Pump & Skimmer Advice

    A 2-speed pump MIGHT work. It'll certainly save money on electricity but I am not confident it will flow enough water at low speed to skim well....especially with the skimmer placement.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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