I installed the Zodiac iAquaLink IQ900 today on my AquaLink RS system with Rev QQ software. My inside controller is the RS6 with an 8 button SpaLink.

The installation was unbelievably straight forward and quick. The system fired up the first time with absolutely no problems. I am getting a wireless strength of 3 out of 5, so I am very happy with that. I set the IQ900 to select the wireless security type on it's own, which it recommends. I am using Comcast's SMC-D3GNV wireless router/cable modem combo, and had no compatibility issues.

The only thing that surprised me was that I had to re-program my schedules and temperature settings. You can assign labels to all your Aux, and even custom name them if you don't find label names that match your system. It appears that I will only use about 20% of this system's capability. It looks like they engineered a lot of high level capabilities into it.

I'm sure that now that I installed this system, Zodiac will come out with a new model soon!

I would be happy to help anyone thinking about installing it on the same system.

- Brian