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Thread: Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PICS

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    Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PICS

    Pics on flickr

    Pool is a dough boy 16x32 with a deep end.

    Covered the pool over winter. (sept/October) noticed at the end of December that it started to slowly leak water somewhere. Since it was cold. I decided to wait.

    Finally got some warm weather, and pulled the cover off.

    Finding the hole was very easy to find. The screw pictured was found a few inches from the hole. I believe it fell off the solar cover reel when it was being removed.

    The sides of the pool seem to have really sagged because of the lack of water. But the rest of the liner looks to be in ok shape.

    Can this hole be fixed? And how?


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    Re: Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PI

    It is big, but should be able to be fixed. Do you have any extra liner material that is big enough? If not, do you have a big enough overlap that you can cut some off? Then you can use that and some Boxer adhesive (or whatever they have for vinyl liner repair at the pool store) to glue the patch on.

    My more significant concern is whether or not your liner will go back into your pool correctly after sitting dry for so long. Assuming this is an overlap liner, then you may just need to be ready to allow some more slack into the pool during filling as the water starts heading towards the walls. Looking at you pictures, I think you might have a chance to save the liner.
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    Re: Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PI

    I'll look to see if there are any liner pieces around. I know there isn't any on the walls I could cut off. If I do not, I'm guessing pool stores have some?

    I figure its worth a shot.

    Whats the worst that could happen? (ie what kind of problems should I be looking for when I'm refilling the pool?

    I really don't know how long it was completely 'dry' in there because it still had good size chunks of ice along some of the walls two weeks ago.

    I know I was planning on replacing the linear in a season or two. But if I can get one more, it would really help.

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    Re: Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PI

    The worst that could happen would probably be the liner not being able to stretch back into place and pulling off the wall or tearing from pressure. Once they sit for so long without water, they get dry and brittle. You can give it a go and see what happens til next year or it will scream *I GIVE UP* nd not do wht you want it to. It'll be a wait and see.

    Hope you can fix it up!
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    Re: Liner hole over winter in shallow end.Repair/replace? PI

    thanks for all the help.

    Found some extra liner pieces in garage. Going to run to the pool store in the am to get some 'glue' and get that sucker down. Then start to fill it up slowly.

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