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Thread: pool not clearing up

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    pool not clearing up

    Let me start off by saying i have been using this site since last year and i greatly appreciate all the information compiled on this site.

    So, 3 weeks ago i started the "how to turn your green swamp into a sparkling oasis process". last year i did it in the spring and it worked just as it should, it took about one week and my pool was crystal clear. This year however, the green water did turn greyish/milky color but it has been 3 weeks and hasnt cleared up at all. There have been a few changes that include: (1) just before the clean-up i installed a pool pilot saltwater system (still using bleach however, i know that the swg will not provide chlorine fast enough to shock the pool). (2) for the past two years my filter (sand) has run at 10 psi clean, this year after backwashing i can only get it to run at 19psi at the lowest and it seems to take a long time for the pressure to go up which seems unusual given that i am clearing up a cloudy dead algae ridden pool. I did not drain my pump and filter this winter as i live in an area with pretty mild winters and on the few nights that it does freeze i just run the pump to keep the water from freezing (the first time i noticed the higher pressure was after starting the pump during one of the cold spells).

    So i guess my question is: Do you think my filter is not working properly and needs to be disassembled and looked at or is there another problem keeping my pool from clearing up? i did not want to start taking the filter apart without advice first and start loosing progress on what i have already done to clear up the pool.

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    Re: pool not clearing up

    If I were to venture a guess, I'd backwash, check for obstructions, then check the filter itself. This would explain the higher pressure and the lack of filtration you're experiencing.

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    Re: pool not clearing up

    Time to open up the filter. your psi has doubled so your flow is w-a-a-ay down. Your filter likely needs a very thorough cleaning.

    Your psi drops to zero when you shut off the pump, correct?
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    Re: pool not clearing up

    Yes, pressure goes to zero when the pump is shut off. The sand was just replaced at the start of last season so i wouldnt think that its clogged up. the pressure also did not just gradually increase it was like one day it was normal and the next it had doubled. probably something broke in the filter valve i would think.


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    Re: pool not clearing up

    if you just had the sand replaced then it is unlikely that the sand is the problem. This is kind of a shot in the dark but the way you describe all the sudden one day the pressure went up, makes me think you have a check valve on the pressure side that is stuck or broken. If you have a multiport valve, run it on recirculate mode, If the filter pressure is high when it is on recirculate then you can eliminate the filter.

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    Re: pool not clearing up

    So after some trouble-shooting with my filter, i found that the gauge was out of calibration threw another one on it and the pressures are reading normal 10-12 psi after backwashing. pool has started to clear up, i can finally see dark spots on the bottom where there are a few leaves that i didnt get, it just seems like it should have cleared up a little quicker, its been over 3 weeks with the filter running 24/7.

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    Re: pool not clearing up

    It can slow things down when there are unseen organics like leaves at the bottom. Algae can lurk under them untouched by chlorine and the leaves decomposing consume chlorine as well.

    Have you tried DE in the filter yet?
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    Re: pool not clearing up

    I had to go out of town for work for about a month and when I left the pool had not cleared yet. I set the pump to run 8 hours a day and left hoping that it wasn't green when I got back. Well I'm happy to say that when I got back it was crystal clear, I guess it just needed a LOT more time than I had thought. Just glad its done.

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