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Thread: Adjusting bottom retention rope on Intex Pool??

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    Adjusting bottom retention rope on Intex Pool??

    I have a 14 foot Ultra Frame pool and have spent the last week getting the ground level. I feel that I have the ground where I want it, but the legs on the pool will not stand straight. I get one side straight and legit and then go to the other side and the legs are all leaning. After looking at it, I started to wonder if the rope that runs along the bottom might be a little bit too small. Like the knot was tied 3 or 4 inches too short.

    Has anyone ever messed with this rope and is it a good idea? My thought is to fill it about a foot high so it starts to fill out and then tie up the rope once I have the legs straight. Will that work or should I leave it alone?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Adjusting bottom retention rope on Intex Pool??

    It definitely helps to have some water in there. I will say, that once you have much more than a few inches, it gets really, really heavy. I'd start with a few inches, and then try again. Add some, repeat, etc.

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    Re: Adjusting bottom retention rope on Intex Pool??

    Also, I don't see any pavers under your legs... Trust me when I say I learned the hard way, the legs will sink into the dirt if you don't place them under the legs, if you already did I'm sorry ha ha. I had to take down my first one after about 2 feet of water and put them under the legs!!
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    Re: Adjusting bottom retention rope on Intex Pool??

    As tatertot09 says, use the pavers. Put them in level with the ground. If you just set them on top of the dirt, the legs will be to high and it will put a lot of strain on the liner and the frame.

    As to your original question, the legs look fine, they will spread out some as you fill the pool with water.

    Please note: if you put the stones so that the feet are dead center on the step stones, by the time you get the pool filled, the feet will be somewhere near the outer edge. So, Put your step stones under the legs but, with majority of the available surface to the outside. Maybe 1/3 inside and 2/3 outside (approx). As you fill the pool, the legs/feet will move outward and everything will be good. You will need to go round and round and adjust the legs a bit at a time as the pool fills the first little bit. Just pull the feet out as the liner expands. After a while, the weight of the pool/water, will prevent you from pulling the legs any farther. Then just finish filling.

    As you can see in my signature, I have the same type of pool. I set it up last year and everything I've said here is what I did and it all worked out great.

    Good luck and post pictures! We love them!
    Angie M.
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