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Thread: repair leaking pipe from skimmer

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    repair leaking pipe from skimmer

    I have a leak in the pipe that goes down from the skimmer - likely where it joins a few inches (2-8 or 10) down, according to the repair guy I had check it out. In the past I've had leaks in the skimmer, and the last time partly down the pipe, and have fixed (or tried) with epoxy and polyurethane (Plumber's Goop). But apparently I wasn't able to do it well enough, or likely, deep enough. It's hard to push the epoxy firmly against the sides (tried using the handle of a long plastic spoon, and I'm considering a long screwdriver now), and I'd hoped the polyurethane would drip down and seal it, but apparently hasn't.

    Any other thoughts? I'm also wondering about using a slightly smaller diameter pipe and coating it with polyurethane and pushing it down the pipe. Any thoughts? If it worked, would it make the diameter too small, though?

    Otherwise, I'm looking at a $1400 repair, with no guarantee that it will look good when done as they'll try to match the deck, and the tiles need to be successfully salvaged. Also, I'm simply trying to repair it to sell the house - a short sale, no less! But it's been advised that it would be hard to sell with a leak. Thanks!
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    Re: repair leaking pipe from skimmer

    I understand your situation, but with the knowledge you have of the situation I would think that to sell as is would be better than to attempt to fix it by sleeving the pipe. The better option in my opinion would be to let potential buyers know of the findings of the leak detection company.
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    Re: repair leaking pipe from skimmer

    look into something called "trenchless pipe repair" - they somehow put a liner in the pipe that can even navigate 90 degree bends - there is a website called that explains the process but I haven't found where you can buy the materials, but have found companies offering the service in larger cities. I would think the price would be the same or less than excavating and your deck would not be touched.

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    Re: repair leaking pipe from skimmer

    Thanks for the feedback.
    That product, Crystal, looks to be what I was thinking of doing, and now that I think of it, as the skimmer suction can be adjusted with valves at the pump anyway, having the diameter smaller shouldn't matter (or at least shouldn't be prohibitive). No installers listed for my area, but I think I'll see about doing the same thing.
    The other option I'm considering is cutting out one side of the bottom of the skimmer to access the outside of the pipe and trying to repair from the outside. Then repair the bottom of the skimmer. As I had to repair the bottom of the skimmer last year, anyway, that part should work fine. It's just how far down and the small access of the skimmer that will possibly make that not feasible.
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    Re: repair leaking pipe from skimmer
    Jack try to give this place a call - I can see all kinds of problems trying to do it yourself - their product will reduce the inner diameter less, theirs won't collapse due to suction, theirs are glued to the pipe by applying internal pressure and I really don't see how you could navigate 90 degree elbows like they claim without reducing flow significantly. Breaking the skimmer seems to be just adding to your problems - doubtful there will be enough working room and if you had to replace the skimmer you would damage the "rim" of the pool.

    I am potentially looking at the same problem you are - hoping a new pump and external plumbing will solve my air leak. I am looking at just using a concrete diamond blade to cut out a niche (12" by 20" deep) at the slab edge to access the pipe under 4" concrete topped with kool deck. The repair probably won't look that great, but better than a swamp out my bedroom door!

    I do agree that it would be much harder to sell and most likely bring the price down more than the 1400 estimate, but if you are selling the house under market value then potential buyers may be willing to inherit this problem.

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    Re: repair leaking pipe from skimmer

    Hi, I live in Oklahoma and have had my inground 19x36 pool for 20 years, I have up to this point done all my own repairs but this one has stumped me. I have a leak in the skimmer line and don't know how to fix it. So far I have bought a new vacuum head and hose, rebuilt all the pipes at the pump and have had 3 different pool men come look at it. They all say it's a problem on the suction side, when I try to vacuum I have lots of air bubbles come through my jets and I loose suction. None of the pool men have attempted to fix it but sure have charged me a fortune to come look at it. How can I tell if I have really have a leak underground and can it be fixed without digging up my concrete .

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