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Thread: Concerned about CSI

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    Concerned about CSI

    I have a 13,000 gal gunite pool, with a SWG. I'm using the ColorQ test kit, and just had it opened for the sprint. I have done a few adjustments, and know have the following readings:
    FC: 4.1
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 74
    CH: 298
    CYA: 40 (need to bring up to 70)
    Salt: 3000
    Borate: 50
    Temp: 45 F

    According to The Pool Calculator, my CSI is alarmingly low, I guess largely due to the temp. If I bring the temp up to the 70's, it's better, although still close to the lower limit. No plans on using the pool for a few weeks, so I hadn't intended on heating it yet. However, now that I see the CSI, I'm wondering if it's doing damage to keep it at these levels for that much time. Do I need to start maintaining a min temp to prevent damage? Or should I not worry about it? Or, is there some other water parameter I should change?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    Re: Concerned about CSI

    First, I wanted to mention that the experience on this board suggests the ColorQ does not do a great job at measuring cya.

    Have you adjusted you ph down, or is that where you found it? As water gets colder, the ph goes up. This is a good thing when dealing with lower csi.

    For now, I would just bump your ph up to ~8.0 and you should be fine.
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    Re: Concerned about CSI

    Almost all of us can keep a crystal clear pool forever without calculating csi. Simply keep your parameters within the guideline suggested and you will not have a problem.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Concerned about CSI

    Thanks for the feedback! I know ColorQ can be difficult to get an accurate CYA reading, but that seems right based on where it was last year, and subsequent partial draining last fall/this spring. I adjusted the pH down, I had been lowering alkalinity after opening. I will let the pH go back up, and leave at that for now. The water *is* crystal clear and looks great, if cold, just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be harming the plaster.


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