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Thread: Yet another help me choose a builder thread

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    Yet another help me choose a builder thread

    After talking to a number of different companies, I think I have it narrowed down to two. Still working out the details on specific items, but this is where I currently stand.

    Builder 1:
    Pool Shape/Size: Oasis 18/38
    Pool Excavation
    Plans & permits up to $300
    4000 PSI 10" thick concrete wall
    4 rows of steel reinforcement
    Choice of liner (they gave us catalogs for 5 different companies: Tara Liners, Kayden, Vynall, LoopLoc, Merlin)
    1/4" high density wall padding
    Minimum 2 skimmers encased in concrete
    Minimum 2 directional return jets
    Radius vinyl covered concrete step with jets ($1600 upgrade)
    Jandy AquaPure SWCG ($1800 upgrade)
    Jandy DEV48 filter
    Jandy Flo Pro 1.5Hp 2sp pump (I have inquired about a VSP but haven't received a response yet)
    Jandy EE2500TI Heat pump ($4300 upgrade)
    1.5" flex PVC (I asked about 2" rigid and they will do for $500 extra but won't warranty it)
    Quick disconnect unions on equipment
    500W underwater light (extra light is $500, I don't know about switching this to LED)
    2 anti-entrapment main drains
    If we want a bench in the deep end ($2000)
    If we want separate lines for skimmers ($250)
    If we want additional dedicated Polaris line ($300)
    Jandy PDA for automation ($2000)
    Lifetime warranty on structure, 20yr liner, 1 yr most equipment

    Total price with options I already included (steps, heat pump, and salt): $25,200

    Builder 2:
    I will only write what is different
    Pool Shape: Mountain Lake 20x39
    3500 PSI concrete
    20mil liner of choice (extra if we want thicker, don't know how much)
    2" rigid PVC
    16' vinyl covered concrete end step ($1800 upgrade)
    Vinyl covered concrete bench ($1200 upgrade)
    Pentair 4x160 VSP ($800 upgrade)
    AquaCal T135 heat pump ($4250 upgrade)
    Pentair Intellichlor ($2150 upgrade)
    I imagine the filter will be Pentair, but we can choose DE or cartridge (update: Pentair FNSP48 if DE)

    Haven't heard back from this builder yet on cost of changing anything out to match what I posted above regarding such things as lights, additional plumbing or automation.
    Update: Extra lights are $475 each plus $500 for the LED bulb
    $2800 for Pentair Ez Touch
    When I asked about looped returns and separately plumbed skimmers he didn't understand the question.

    Total price with options I already included (steps, bench, heat pump, and salt): $31,450


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    Re: Yet another help me choose a builder thread

    and yes, once we get moving there will be pics

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    Re: Yet another help me choose a builder thread

    Congrats on your upcoming investment!

    I've got a vinyl lined pool with one set on steps running the width as well as some swim outs in the "deep" end.

    According to my builder, because of my upgrades i.e. big steps and swimouts, for him it was just as profitable to build it like a pool with gunite or plaster finish vs. some sort of kit for the walls etc.

    You don't mention the depth of your proposed pool.

    For my liner i choose to cover the steps and swimouts with a matching the pattern non-slip version of my liner. The rest pool floor and walls was the slip on your butt version. They had actually not had anyone use the no-slip versions yet, so it was a first for them. IF i could do it all over again, and because my pool is shallow and built for volleyball, i would have had the whole liner made of non-slip version with no graphic border. Reason is two fold. 1) jumping around playing volley ball in shallow water you notice your feet slipping out alot. 2) I think the borders on liners, while close to realistic, still are a dead giveaway that it's a liner.

    We love our huge step, we made the first step 3 feet wide, 2nd step is 1 foot wide. Kids love the padded top 3' step, run and jump on it on their knees, play on it nonstop. IF i could do that over again i'd make it 4' or 5' wide.

    No issues with the liner over the step with the amount of water on it which is about 6", could have made it more but it would be a big step from off of the pool deck.

    My words of wisdom....make sure that pool bottom is slicker than you know what before they install the liner, i'd even check it with a flashlight after dark to make sure you don't see any depression, footsteps etc. cause they show at night with pool lights on. The measurements of the pool have to be exact for a liner to fit exactly, i mean there is some stretch, but an exacting build will give great results on liner fit (referring to the steps mainly).

    My pool build last summer decided-to-build-first-pool-this-spring-t41345.html
    18'x43' Sport Pool
    19,000 Gallons Vinyl Liner 3'-3.5'-4'
    SWCG and D.E. Filter
    Test Kits - Pool Calculator - Chlorine/CYA Chart - Pool School

    Secret Weapon for Pool Chemistry Testing

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    Re: Yet another help me choose a builder thread

    Gunite pools here are ridiculously expensive, almost double the cost.

    As for depth, we've gone back and forth on that one, but it looks like we will probably go with 8ft. This shortens up the length of the shallow end due to slope and everything, but we want it to be perfectly safe for any type of jumping in the deep end.

    Thanks for the liner advice.

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