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Thread: New motor requires new IMPELLER

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    New motor requires new IMPELLER

    Hi guys: what a great site! Thanks to all you who contribute your time and expertise. My 2Hp Hayward MaxFlo pump has died. After consultation here I have learned that the 2 Hp's were way too much for my Hayward S244T Sand Filter. So with 30-cent/Kwh electricity I'm looking to replace that motor w/a 1Hp motor, keeping the 56J pump. However, would dropping from a 2 Hp to a 1 Hp motor require any change in the pump impeller? and if so, what would that involve; how hard is that to change, if at all possible?

    Thanks in advance for any input you may provide.

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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    changing the impeller is very easy. You have to remove the impeller to replace the motor anyway. However it is my understanding that you do not have to switch the impeller when you are downsizing the motor.

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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    So, in other words, the same design impeller is used in all different types/strength of motors? That's great news! Thanks for the info, keene3b07.

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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    No, you can't use a smaller motor on an existing impeller.

    If your current motor works, all you need to do is get a smaller impeller. You can keep the current motor, and it will still draw less power because of the smaller impeller. The impeller replacement process is almost exactly the same as the process for replacing the motor. All of the steps are the same except that when you have everything taken apart you swap impellers instead of swapping motors.

    When moving to a smaller motor you must get a correspondingly smaller impeller. You don't need to change the impeller when getting a larger motor. Switching to a smaller impeller with a large motor is the same as getting a smaller impeller and a smaller motor (just slightly better actually).
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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    Pardon my ignorance but where would I buy just a smaller impeller for the smaller motor, or when I buy the new pump motor do they come with an impeller (I doubt so), or can I just ask the supplier of the new pump to find me the correct impeller for the MaxFlo pump to be mated to a 1 Hp motor?

    I'm learning a lot here - but started way back, so still a ways to go!

    Thanks again.

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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    Start with a google search of the part number. Do you have your manual for the pump? It should have a parts explosion diagram in there somewhere. Also, there are several online suppliers that can match parts if you have your pump model.

    There are a few different series of MaxFlo pumps. Can you be a little more specific? Your best bet might be to find the part number stamped into the current impeller. You could then find the part number for the lower HP impeller in the same series.

    Sorry for the rambling reply. Does that help?
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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    That's great advice. I DO have the manual so I'll go from there. Thanks again!

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    Re: New motor requires new IMPELLER

    Ill go sit in the corner and think about what i did.

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