I was at Ace Hardware today and they had cases of two 1 gallon jugs of HTH 10 percent chlorinating liquid for $5. Half the normal price of $10. So I grabbed two cases, what with the recent price hike on bleach. *briggida braggadda brugguda bragadda*

First I decided to call HTH/Arch Chemicals to see if they could decode the "Lot No." of 5244 for me.
Well, needless to say, since there are no numbers on the bottles themselves, or any other sort of code. There was nothing they could do.

So I checked with the store, they were able to see that the last shipment from the warehouse came in early last month. Being I'm in Oregon and their warehouse likely serves California, I went with it. Assuming fast turnover at the main whse.

BTW, The jugs inside look like clear HDPE milk jugs. Not the opaque white typical HTH containers.

Does anyone know how to decode the lot number on the box to a date?