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Thread: Pool Leak

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    Pool Leak

    I just found your site, my knowledge has already increased due to the Pool School. I have a question regarding a pool leak. After several failed attempts to have at least three different leak detection companies charge me $225 plus to locate the leak (they schedule and no showed). I decided to take this on myself. We purchased this house in August of 2012 and acquired many challenges regarding the pool, which has provided a huge learning curve as new pool owners; without the benefits of enjoying the pool yet.

    Today, I discovered that the shimming basket area has cracks. How would I go about fixing this problem? When I fill the pool, it always seems to stop at the bottom of the skimming basket. Therefore, my assumption is that this may be the source of the leak or at leak one of them. In the beginning, I thought it was because of tree roots from the neighbor’s tree because there are several cracks in the decking around the pool. (Hoping I am wrong).

    In addition, I am confused as to what the valves are for and which ones does what. To date I have replaced all the pvc at the pump and filter, including one valve and have replaced all the filters (there are 8). I do know that we have a Hayward Progrid D.F Filter with a SP710Xr50, Challenger Ch11-N1-A1 and a Booster Pump (not used it yet or know who to). I think the pool is 25,000 gallons but not certain. I have included a picture of the valves in question.

    thank you so much for your site and your assistance.
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    Re: Pool Leak

    As far as the leak sounds like you are on track. You can seal the cracks n the skimmer up using a caulk like compound called lacticrete or 3m5200. They last forever. If there are too many cracks in your skimmer, or if you have some that are too big to caulk, you might consider having it replaced. As far as the valves are concerned, you say the new one sprays water? Do you mean it puts water back to the pool via the returns, or to a water feature?? Do the valves feed the pump or are they after your filter? A picture including the rest of equipment would be helpful. Also you said you changed the filters in your filter? Those my friend, are DE grids. They filter the water only after they are caked with DE. Running the filter without DE in it will damage those grids eventually. So I hope you added DE after you changed them.
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    Re: Pool Leak

    I must apologize for it taking so long to get back to this issue. I have included additional pictures. Today I noticed one of the return has bubbles coming tomorrow i am going to do the test you covered in the Pool School; i do know that the two big valves have small drips.

    Also, I was reading something today on the correct way to vacuum the pool, even thou I have a booster pump, I have not purchased the automatic system, yet, they are pricy. The instructions stated you have to turn off the valve for the skimmer, didn't know it had a valve or which one it is. Have I screwed up my equipment by not doing that...not that it picked up much.

    btw, the skimmer basket repairs worked like a charm...thanks.
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    14,700 gal AG , sand 1-1/2hp pump, install 2007, used Pristine Blue be prior owner

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