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Thread: Replacing Cracked Washer on Filter Head Knob?

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    Replacing Cracked Washer on Filter Head Knob?

    First time poster here so go easy on me I have been lurking around this site for quite sometime and it has been a huge help these past couple of years. I tried searching for a solution to my problem but could not find any answers... So here goes

    I need to replace a cracked washer under the locking knob of a Hayward sta-clear c1750. Am I correct in assuming I need to remove the e-ring from the inside of the filter head hidden behind the cone in order to remove the locking knob? My concern is it looks like a pain to get the e-ring out, let alone replacing it once everything is changed as it sits in a recessed area. I usually just figure these things out as i go but figured I should ask before I can't put it back together, or worse, damage the equipment! Is there any tips or tricks to completing this? Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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    Re: Replacing Cracked Washer on Filter Head Knob?

    Problem solved..with the help of a long screwdriver.

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    Re: Replacing Cracked Washer on Filter Head Knob?

    Sorry I couldn't help - I have a DE filter.

    For what it's worth, those E-clips, in the small sizes they used to use on carburetor linkage when cars had carburetors, were known as "Jesus Clips." No matter how cautious you were, they'd always fly across the shop somewhere amidst the cry of "Jesus!"
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    Re: Replacing Cracked Washer on Filter Head Knob?

    No problem, and I know what you mean about those clips!

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