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Thread: CC's after rain or just coincidence?

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    CC's after rain or just coincidence?

    I uncovered my pool to an above average amount of leaves and other winter debris this year. The water was a pollen and dirt cloudy but I didn't see any visual signs of algae. I ran my tests and went into shock mode. During a week of shocking I tested for CC's 3 times and had 0. The water was getting there and I could tell a sparkle was not more than a few days off. Well, yesterday a storm came through and blew all kinds of new pollen, pollen pods, and a few leaves in the pool. We got about an inch of rain. When I tested last night I had 1 CC. This morning I had .5 CC. I have not found anything anywhere other than the pollen pods and leaves that I can attribute this to.

    Would someone please explain why I have none when shocking for a week and suddenly have CC's? Could the debris from the rain have done it? The water was about 60 when I started and 68 before the storm. Could the warming water have awakened some organic beast in my pool?

    PH was 7.5. Have not checked since I started shocking.
    AL 70
    CYA Tested less than 20. I have been adding some this week. I have been using 20 for the pool calc
    Borates less than 30
    Shocking at 12

    Using BBB
    18' x 36' saltwater inground vinyl pool

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    Re: CC's after rain or just coincidence?

    It's the debris that got washed into the pool. The bleach is trying to oxidize it, so you get half-oxidizes stuff - Combined Chlorine. Mechanically remove as much as you can from the water and just keep going with the shock process until you pass the three tests.
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    Re: CC's after rain or just coincidence?

    That's what I was hoping. Thanks
    18' x 36' saltwater inground vinyl pool

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