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Thread: First timer 14 x 48 Intex

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    First timer 14 x 48 Intex

    Hi everyone - so glad to have found this forum and many useful links already!

    Looking for some advice on my first time with a intex frame pool (we have done easy set before). I just had a stone patio laid that is 16' diameter, specifically for the pool.
    I have a few questions:

    1. My pool came with a tarp, can I just lay the tarp (ground cover) over the patio and then set up the pool? Any recommendations for additional layers?

    2. I have the saltwater system as well. But haven't bought any kind of upgraded filter. The one my pool comes with is the 1000g one - will I be okay with adding the saltwater system or does anyone see any problems with this? I understand from reading other posts that I'll probably need to clean the filter quite frequently. Would rather not buy a different filter at this point, although willing in future to upgrade if need be.

    3. I have to run an extension cord out about 50 feet and I bought a GCFI extension to run the filter and SWS off at Home Depot that I think will do? Any issues with this? I'd like to avoid installing a full outlet ($ for electrician) at this point if possible but want to be safe of course.

    4. Noticed my pool doesn't come with any vacuum kit. Could someone recommedn one? I have a skimmer from our other pool but need some kind of vacuum system. There is a $20 one at Walmart ... 21083?_mm= not sure if this is too cheap to be good?

    5. Best solar cover for 14' pool? I have one from our old 12' kinda tempted to just use that at first?

    Sorry I know lots of questions. But I'm in Canada so summer isn't going to start here for a few weeks yet... so figure I have lots of time to plan.

    thanks for everyone's help!
    14x48 Intex ultra frame, 14" Intex sand filter/1600 gallons an hr

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    Re: First timer 14 x 48 Intex


    1. Some people add a layer of pink foam insulation to cushion the feet.

    2. The swg requires a certain level of water flow to operate, as the filter gets dirty it may slow flow enough that the swg won't work.

    3. It needs to be a heavy extension cord 12 gauge or heavier (lower number).

    4. That kit runs off a garden hose and it the type I used with my ring pool. It works to get larger particles but won't get fine stuff such as pollen or dust.

    5. I'd try the 12' it won't hurt and should help some. It's more about evaporation prevention than actual heating, so the less water surface exposed the less cooling.
    Dan D
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    Re: First timer 14 x 48 Intex

    intex cartridge filter pumps are very weak and their flow rates are drasticly inflated, i would go buy a intex 16 inch sand filter and 2650 pump combo they run about 200 dollars and are a huge improvement over the cartridge pump, which will allow you to vacuhm your pool and keep your pool crystal clear and HEY!! no more filters to buy.....Mike
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    1 large fountain 1 inch sch 40 pvc,shut off ball valves on all

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    Re: First timer 14 x 48 Intex

    Thanks for the advice - really appreciate it.

    I will look in the sand filter option, maybe can find a sale! And thanks for the advice on the extension cord gauge as well.

    If I do buy the sand filter suggested, any suggestions on which vacuum to use with it? (trying not to think of the $$ ha ha)
    14x48 Intex ultra frame, 14" Intex sand filter/1600 gallons an hr

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