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Thread: Which jets to buy to optimize flow / circular rotation

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    Which jets to buy to optimize flow / circular rotation

    5 jet pool, 3 on pool walls and 2 on stairs. They look to be 3/4" eyeball type. I remember reading in the past that the slotted types were the best because you could adjust them 90 degrees and then create a much better circular flow along the walls of the pool instead of out towards the pool.

    As well I have a Poolskim that I never quite got working right so I wanted to change the jets. Can you guys confirm the theory on the slotted ones, are they in fact the better ones to have? Is there something even better?

    Is there a specific size, model or brand I need to consider when ordering them?

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    Re: Which jets to buy to optimize flow / circular rotation

    I've been looking into a PoolSkim - here's a post from here that might help:
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    Re: Which jets to buy to optimize flow / circular rotation

    Just about any pool can be setup with just about any return fitting and still work out well enough. However, if you are into optimizing everything, a great deal depends on your particular layout of the returns. If you have a jet near a corner and the water movement you are trying to create moves away along the adjoining wall then a regular return eyeball fitting is just fine. On the other hand, if you have a return in the middle of a long wall than a return fitting with a slot that aims along the wall can be very convenient. Meanwhile, with a return in a step alcove you want a smaller than usual opening that can be aimed more straight out to keep the steps clean.
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    Re: Which jets to buy to optimize flow / circular rotation

    Also, if you have any wind across the pool, it will make the type of return somewhat irrelevant.

    I have tried both types of returns and there is pros and cons to both. But basically, I use the slots in one location to redirect the surface water to another normal return which shoots the debris directly into the skimmer. I find that circulation in front of the skimmer (i.e. orthogonal) just passes right by the skimmer but if I direct the flow rate directly into the skimmer, it seems to work much better.
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