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Thread: Need help with trees/privacy

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    Need help with trees/privacy

    We have/had 2 trees in our pool area that were damaged and have to go. In trying to figure out what to replace them with, we're also struggling with the privacy issue, as our neighbor also lost trees. We also have another issue, as our terraced area at the back of the pool is 27 years old and has some rotting timbers. The absolute cheapest quote we have gotten (blocks) is $7000. Seems pretty steep for something that is pretty much just utilitarian. In the past we have put a garden there, but it really doesn't get a lot of sun. If we put more privacy stuff up on top, that renders the back almost unusable due to less sun. As you can see by the pictures, the amount of grass between the terrace and the fence is just a few feet wide. So basically, our questions are this: what to replace the birches with, overall how can we get more privacy, and if we do that by planting more up top, what to do with the terraced area? [attachment=0:1uyqs3fn]backyard1.jpg[/attachment:1uyqs3fn][attachment=1:1uyqs3fn]backyard3.jpg[/attachment:1uyqs3fn][attachment=2:1uyqs3fn]backyard2.jpg[/attachment:1uyqs3fn]Thanks!!
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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    Welcome to TFP.

    How about tall grasses ? They grow fairly high. Put them on the lower terrace or where ever you like. Their low maint.

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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    Pompas grass groves fairly tall but I would put it on top and then use the lower portion as a garden for shade vegetables- broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, potatoes, garlic, onions. You could plant tomatoes in a raised bed that gets sun. To replace the birch you could get a clump of bamboo but would need to make sure the base is secure to prevent it from taking over(dig down 12-14 inches pour concrete wall to block the roots) the bamboo depending on variety will grow tall and wide.
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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    I have a similar problem with privacy and my neighbors. The solution we've come up with and are putting in this weekend is bamboo. It grows quickly and has a very tropical feel. We discovered it as a solution a few weeks ago while driving around and saw from the road someones backyard with very lush growth between their fence and screened enclosure. We drove around the neighborhood and found out the home was for sale and was having an open house on the following Saturday. We couldn't help ourselves and had to see more so we went back on Saturday. The effect was stunning! Very private and quiet, the bamboo blocked the noise from the road behind the house.

    We are picking up 8 7-gal pots with bamboo tomorrow afternoon to plant this weekend. The grower recommended spreading them about 5 feet apart as they will fill in over time. Total cost will be about $700 with taxes.

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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    What State are you in????-- without your hardiness zone we dont know what you can/cant grow. Looks cold, I see melted snow....
    Bamboo and Pompass grass are probably out.

    Cedar Hedges, rocket Junipers are good choices.
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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    $7000 isn't out of line for a block retaining wall. We built a similar wall around our pool last year, and it is a lot of work. We had half that much money in blocks, rental of the excavator and compactor, and stone for the footer. There is a lot of labor involved.

    You might consider something like this for privacy along the back side:

    It's really not terrible to build, and the great thing about a trellis is that it seems open when you are close to it, but it isn't easy to see through from a distance. You can add climbing plants and/or hanging baskets to add to the privacy and appearance, or even replace the trellis area with solid panels.
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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    Thanks for the input, guys, sorry - it is zone 5a, Iowa. That trellis is very beautiful, not sure how it would look against that 12 foot fence.

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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    I like banana trees. 1st year grown to about 12', 2nd year i had almost 20' ers. Cut them at the base each fall and they cut easy. Big leaves, no fruit
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    Re: Need help with trees/privacy

    I'm not sure what kind of Holly would work for zone 5, but we put in tree formed Savannah and Eagleston Hollys, that way we have privacy year round.
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