During my pad remodel, I discovered that one of the "returns" to the pool was actually a 1.5" capped pipe that I am pretty sure used to be the suction line for a dedicated waterfall pump.

I have now tied that line into my other single 1.5" skimmer line (floor is plumbed to skimmer) with a 3-way valve so that I could reduce suction head loss and increase water flow by using both suction lines.

While I have the valve stops set to prevent the wall line being the only source of suction which could be an entrapment danger, there is still a good amount of suction going through the pipe. If I put my hand over it, as expected, the suction reduces (shifting to the skimmer) and I can remove it ... but still a little "scary" for the wife and kids.

I would like to find a drain cover that will just screw into the regular 1.5" return fitting to help spread the suction a bit.

I have tried searching and not 100% sure I have found what I am looking for.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists (maybe more geared for spas as those are the drain covers that keep popping into my head) and point me in the right direction?

BTW, if I am going to be picky, grey would be preferred