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Thread: Hayward SP3205EE TriStar 1/2HP for 22k gallon inground pool?

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    Hayward SP3205EE TriStar 1/2HP for 22k gallon inground pool? ... 002__I.htm

    I don't see it mentioned too often, I know the goal is usually to get a pump with as low HP as possible and in other threads I still see a lot recommendations on 1HP 2 speeds. Given all my below needs, is there any reason why the tristar 1/2 hp would not be the best pump or why I would require a stronger 2 speed? Or any general reasons not to get it?

    In my situation it will drive either a cartridge or sand filter, I'm still on the fence.

    I have no water falls or anythingx
    I have a large skimmer.
    5 returns, 3 on the pool walls and 2 on pool stairs.
    1 poolskim I would like to start using.
    I manually vaccum and maybe in the future i would use one of those skimmer robots vaccums but iin the past I havent liked the hassle and prefer to vaccum.
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    Re: Hayward SP3205EE TriStar 1/2HP for 22k gallon inground p

    I doubt a .5hp pump will produce enough flow to get an adequate backwash if you stay with sand. Even if you go with a cartridge filter, that's not very much flow for the times you need it. A 1hp 2-speed would be my first choice if it were my pool.
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    Re: Hayward SP3205EE TriStar 1/2HP for 22k gallon inground p

    Generally two speed pumps are often recommended because of the savings you can obtain at low speed. However, few can move the volume of water needed to perform other functions. Example would be Backwashing, supporting a pressure cleaner with boost pump, even in some cases vacuuming. Hence to high speed(usually on 2 speed pumps 3150) to perform these tasks.
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    Re: Hayward SP3205EE TriStar 1/2HP for 22k gallon inground p

    I have a 1/2 HP two speed on my pool and it is close the size of your pool. However, I have a cartridge filter. A 300 lbs sand filter will normally require at least 50 GPM for backwash (~15 GPM/sq-ft) which is possible with a 1/2 HP Tristar but it depends on your suction side plumbing setup. The only issue would be if you have a single 1.5" suction pipe, then the flow rate might be too low.

    But you will save much more in energy costs with a two speed and you can get one that has approximately the same head curve as the 1/2 HP TriStar. The SuperFlo 1 URHP pump is slightly more powerful than the 1/2 FRHP TriStar and it comes in a two speed. Full speed is about 20% less efficient than the Tristar but half speed is about 2x more efficient. If you like Hayward products, then the 1 URHP Superpump is very similar to the SuperFlo with about the same performance.
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