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Thread: New spa, want to use bromine. What chemicals to have on hand

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    New spa, want to use bromine. What chemicals to have on hand

    I'm installing a new 340 gallon portable spa with ozonator tomorrow and would like to use bromine for sanitation. I have read the bromine primer and understand that I need to establish a bromine bank and that my ozonator will oxidize that into sanitizer continously as well as when I shock it with non scented bleach. I have a Taylor K2106 test kit on order that should be here soon.

    So what chemicals do I need? Is the brand Spa Time from Walmart OK or is there another brand that is readily available that is better.


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    Re: New spa, want to use bromine. What chemicals to have on

    I am not familiar with the use or bromine, so not exactly sure what chemicals you will need.

    After you have the kit and can post up results we could better recommend something. You may need something to adjust the TA or pH in addition to the bromine products.

    If you have not already, I would suggest reading Pool School as at least some of that is applicable.
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    Re: New spa, want to use bromine. What chemicals to have on

    Straight out of the tap water was

    CH 100
    PH 7.5
    TA 60

    CSI at 76F was .1

    I added 2 tsp of bromine granules to 360 gallons and got 13ppm. After it was below 10 we got in. Didn't do anything after 2 hour soak and havent been in in two days. Wife says water is clear but has slight odor. Im thinking that i didnt get bromine level high enough initially. Havent used floater as i want to do two step system.

    Sorry for crappy grammar, typing on cell.

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    Re: New spa, want to use bromine. What chemicals to have on

    EDIT, sorry just redead your first post.

    did you add 2 oz of 100% bromide granules and then actiivate it with bleach or brominating granules witch is bromide and chlorine mixed together?

    the ozonator isn't going to keep your bromine level up by it's self, mine doesn't even without using the spa. so i switch to the 3 step. you will have to add bromine granules, bleach, granular chlorine, or mps to convert bromide to bromine every day with a 2 step system. after you use the tub you have to add more stuff to convert bromide to bromine. runs the jets for a min of 10 minutes "i do 20 minutes" then leave it uncovered for min 20 minutes to let it gas out so your cover last longer. hope that helps, i've just been using bromine for the last 4 months so i'm still new to this.

    your water looks good, i wish i had water like that from the tap. you'll know in a few days/weeks what you will need. i didn't do the two stage long enough to know how is efects the ph and alk.

    i do the 3 stage and take out the floater when we use it. i have a 400 gal tub with a ozonator.
    i have 1 tab in the floater
    i have to adjust the alk and ph every few days becasue the tabs i have are acidic. if alk is below 70 i add 1 tbsp ph up "aka baking soda" to raise alk and ph. if alk is 70+ i add soda ash or borax to raise ph.
    i use 1 tps of granular chlorine, bromine granules or 2 tps mps for every 20-30 minutes of soak time per person.
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