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Thread: New pool owner, checking next step

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    New pool owner, checking next step

    Hello, I'm a new above ground pool owner. I've been reading some of the basics on this site, and am ready to start tweaking my chemistry. I am just a little hesitant as it's my first time, and I don't want to start a zombie apocalypse by either having the water too dirty or too clean.

    As of 4/5/13 my chemistry according to the kit says:

    Cl = 1-2 range
    pH = ~8.2
    TA = 200
    Hardness = 250
    CYA = < 30

    I don't have a thermometer in the water, but I estimate the temp around 60ish. I have my SWG running on boost for 80hrs (though I doubt it will run that long due to calcification on the plates, I've had to clean them once already). Here is what I was planning on doing...

    1. I think I may need to supplement the chlorine with tablets (or bleach) to help the generator 'catch up' from 0. The generator is supposed to be able to sustain my size pool if running for 12 cycles.
    2. Add some muriatic acid to get the pH down ~7.2 range.
    3. Since my TA is high, wait to see what it does after getting the pH down.
    4. I have hard water pretty bad here in central TX. Not sure how to work this or if I need to...
    5. Get CYA levels up 80ish, since the pool is out in the open no shade to the TX sun.

    Am I headed in the right direction? What would you change?
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    Re: New pool owner, checking next step

    Welcome to TFP!

    The first thing to do is to get the PH down to around 7.2 (as you said), which you should do as soon as possible. The high PH and high TA are causing the scaling on the SWG plates.

    Then once that is under control start working on raising the CYA level. Keep in mind that it is fairly easy to raise CYA, but difficult to lower CYA. So aim a little low and raise it up some more later after you see how the first addition turned out.

    You aren't going to be able to maintain much of a chlorine level until you get the CYA level up. At low CYA levels sunlight wipes out all of the chlorine fairly quickly. As long as the CYA is low and the water looks good FC levels around 1 are fine. As CYA comes up you will of course need to raise your FC target level.
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    Re: New pool owner, checking next step

    Cool, I know what I'll be doing over the next few days.

    Thank you very much!
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    Re: New pool owner, checking next step

    Ok, took me a bit, but I finally had time to get to it...

    Added half a gallon of muratic acid and got my pH to 7.2 and TA at 180
    Added 3.75lbs of granular CYA and got levels to ~30ish
    Added chlorine and got it up to 3-4 range
    Hardness still at ~250

    I'll be testing daily for next few days to see how the CYA and chlorine levels do...and to show my daughter all the cool testing that goes on to keep the pool swim'able.

    Any tips on how to get the hardness down?

    Now off to do some more skimming, neighbor just cut his grass, so I have grass 'dust' I want out. Also, aside from the hardness tip, anyone got ideas on how to keep bugs out? I didn't know there were that many thirsty bugs! LOL
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    Re: New pool owner, checking next step

    Only way to lower the hardness (which your is not high anyway) is to pump out and replace with lower CH water.

    No need to test the CYA very often. Takes up to a week to fully show up on the test.
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    Re: New pool owner, checking next step

    Gotcha, I will wait a week or so to retest CYA. I'll be checking pH and chlorine to see how it holds up with all the sun. Yay Texas!
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