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Thread: Possible cause for green water and rash

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    Possible cause for green water and rash

    After developing a rash right after my replacement spa was delivered, the last thought I had was that it was caused by a spa issue. Just learned in a conversation with the manufacturer that their answer to my green water was most likely due to their poor quality water (heavy copper residue) at their manufacturing plant. Sure enough my water test yielded high levels of copper,known to cause the green.

    I was following all the recommended steps on the chlorine treatments, and didn't have the issue with my previous spa. My chlorine also tested low, even though I have over chlorined the spa in a attempt to get rid of the green.

    My dealer confirmed that the chlorine acts with the copper residue left in the spa from the manufacturer QC testing. Explaining the low chlorine levels tested.

    And my rash fits the symptoms and pictures online for pseudomonas-dermatitis

    Now going thru the cleaning, draining, refilling (twice) to rid the spa of the copper residue.

    Is it just me, or is this a serious enough health risk to be looked at. I was shocked to hear the manufacturer's explanation for the green water, before I had mine tested. I'm struggling to put blame on the dealer, as putting a new spa through a cleansing/sanitizing would not typically be expected.

    I plan to address with the manufacturer.


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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    I would at least try for reimbursement for the water and chems used.
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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    Welcome to TFP!

    If you have a bacterial dermatitis, copper isn't the problem. Low FC levels however, might be.

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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    Let me clarify, copper residue wasn't the cause of the rash, it was the source for the green water.

    In an effort to clear the water before I learned I had copper residue, I initially followed the normal chlorine treatment process, with no luck. My initial readings showed the right balance.

    What I've since learned is that the chlorine was acting with the copper and not as effective. Leaving my spa open for the source of the rash issue.

    My dealer did load me up on his dime with all of the cleaning products. So today it's drain, wipe down, refill, jet clean, drain, refill, reheat and chlorinate as normal startup.

    My issue is still that the manufacturer is aware of their water quality issues and does not take steps to resolve or notify their dealer or end customer.

    Going through the annoyance of the rash could have been avoided

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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    It is unlikely that the copper made chlorine less effective. There is solid copper used in older gas heat exchangers and there are copper ions used in some algaecides and neither causes chlorine to be less effective. If you measured low to zero chlorine, then that was the main source of the problem. Another is that new spas are wet-tested and the water is usually not blown out of the pipes so bacterial biofilms can form. Once you get biofims, normal chlorine levels won't get rid of them.

    Before you do your last drain/refill to use the spa, I suggest you use SeaKlear Spa System Flush. It will remove (dislodge) biofilms and get you off to a fresh start with a new spa. If you then properly maintain chlorine levels in your spa, you shouldn't need to use this product again, but it's recommended to be used for a new spa or if the chlorine level gets to zero for too long and one needs to do a decontamination.
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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    So that is what clear water looks like. It's been awhile.

    24 hours after, Draining, scrubbing with cleanser, refilling , jet wash, draining, refilling and chlorinating.

    Will be following up with my dealer for a water test

    Working with the dealer to figure out the why and how. The high copper readings are still a mystery after filling with 200 plus gallons of filtered county water.

    Now need to get rid of the rash.

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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    5 days and counting of a crystal clear spa after cleaning and sanitizing. Bringing in the water sample tomorrow

    This should rule out any questions on the water source I used to fill and the dealer chlorine chemicals used to maintain.

    Rash is still with me. Went to the doctors for antibiotics, only sure way to get rid of it

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    Re: Possible cause for green water and rash

    Verdict is in water tested perfect, normal levels of chlorine and clear. Trace amount of copper as expected.

    Clear that there was some type of residue in the tub from the manufacturer that caused the high level of copper.

    Rash has made a huge turn for the better after the initial dose of antibiotics

    Still plan to have a discussion with the manufacturer. Dealer has been great through the entire process. I still believe that what we experienced could be avoided. My burn is that the manufacturer had full awareness, leads me to believe this has happened before.

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