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Thread: Some rookie questions

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    Some rookie questions

    First I just want to say that by following the BBB recommendations here for the past year or so, I have had
    zero problems with my pool water. Great reason to trust the recommendations I get here at TFP.
    That being said, I need to change the O ring on my filter. I'm wondering if there is a silicone lube that is best for this application. Brand names would be helpful.
    The other question I have is about how long should I run my pump?
    I did some searches but found some pretty widely different answers.
    Is there a "rule of thumb" that TFP'ers use?
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    Re: Some rookie questions

    I bought a tube of Pool and Spa Lubricant at Leslies a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure its all the same stuff, there's usually a box of lube on the counter at the pool store near the register.

    How long is dependent on too may variables. Run it six hours/day for a week. If it looks dull, go up an hour. If it looks clear and sparkly, go down an hour. The only thing it hurts to run it too long is your wallet.
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    Re: Some rookie questions

    Agree with Richard, and in general, it seems that most people run their pumps too long. Last year was my first year and was initially told to "never turn the pump off and always leave a puck in the skimmer". Well, fortunately I found this site (and BBB!) and probably by the end of the summer I was running it 4-5 hours a day, max. Now, I have a pretty low bather load so surely that allows for lower run times, but best way is to sort of trial and error your way through it as Richard suggests.
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