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Thread: IntelliChlor IC40 not working in spa fill/spillway mode

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    IntelliChlor IC40 not working in spa fill/spillway mode

    We built a new pool towards the end of last summer. We have new Pentair equipment (Easy Touch 8, IntelliChlor IC40).

    Now that things are warming up our pool guy has been trying to get the IC40 salt water system working.

    Tonight we noticed on the IC40 that the salt level LED was green (good), and cell status LED was green (good), but the sanitizer output LEDs were not lit. On the ET panel, the IntelliChlor settings shows it is enabled, with pool mode set to 100% and spa mode set to 20%.

    We normally run the pool in SPILLWAY mode (fills to the spa, draws water from the pool) which is tied to AUX3 on ET. AUX3 is on a schedule or can be turned on from the load center or remote AUX3 button.

    Playing around with it tonight, I noticed that if we just turned on the filter pump at the load center, the sanitizer output LEDs show 100% output. If I switch to spa mode, it reads 20%. If I select AUX3 (SPILLWAY), we get 0% output. If I turn the filter pump on, then turn on AUX3, the IC40 outputs at 100%. If I'm in spa mode, then turn on AUX3, then turn off spa, the pool operates in spa fill/spillway mode but there is 0% output. I was able to "trick" it tonight by programming the filter pump to run, then start AUX3 1 minute later.

    The EasyTouch manual says when it is in normal operating mode ("pool", "spa", or "Spa Fill (Spillway)"), the ET will control the output level. It seems to work fine in pool or spa mode, but not spa fill/spillway mode.

    I've seen in some forums that it only works in pool or spa mode, which seems to contradict the manual. They mentioned that there is jumper inside the load center that basically disables the IntelliChlor from the load center. Then the output level is set on the IntelliChlor unit and always runs at that setting when there is flow. It looks like it's a dumb mode. I could use that if we needed, but it appears from the manual it should work in spa fill/spillway mode.

    Is there another way to setup the spa fill/spillway mode so that the IntelliChlor works? Some other setting I'm missing?



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    Re: IntelliChlor IC40 not working in spa fill/spillway mode

    Welcome to TFP!

    The manual says that the EasyTouch will "control the chlorinator output level" in the various modes, and it allows you to configure the percentage in pool mode and spa mode, but it does not allow you to set the percentage in spillway mode, which I believe is fixed at 0%.

    It isn't a good idea to have most of your circulation in spillway mode. The water in the pool will not be properly mixed, and thus not properly filtered, unless you send a significant fraction of the pump run time in pool mode.

    I don't recommend using the IntelliChlor with EasyTouch control disabled. That depends on the flow switch to turn the SWG off when the pump isn't running. Unfortunately flow switches are not as reliable as one might hope and can fail. If it did fail in that mode you could have an explosion. In this mode you will also get way too much chlorine added to the spa while in spa mode.
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