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Thread: Getting started in Maryland

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    Getting started in Maryland


    Been lurking here for a bit. Now that we finally have clearance from the health dept we are going to get started. I was just wondering if anything on this quote from our desired PB looks out of place. To me the pebble sheen looks really high. I realize some of the stone wall stuff is hard to gauge without seeing the plan.

    Master Plan Project (Back yard pool area)

    • Landscaping has not been included in this proposal
    • Site restoration including grading, seed and straw of all disturbed areas is included
    • Estrada to supply electrical between owner supplied panel and pool equipment
    • Use excavated soil on site for grading purposes
    • No gas run for pool heater

    Back Yard Pool and Hardscape

    Custom Pool Construction
    o Pool water area size approx. 700 square feet
    o Includes excavation, steel, plumbing, electrical – includes (2) 500 watt pool lights, basic equipment (pump, cartridge filter, plumbing etc.), export of excess soil as necessary, rough grade, entry steps into pool and swim out bench in deep end, standard tile and coping
    o Standard coping is 14" x 24" Pennsylvania Blue Stone
    o Includes extra electrical run to proposed pool equipment
    o Shell will be Shot Crete pneumatically spayed to cure at approx. 5,000 psi
    o Manual vacuum included
    o Standard white plaster finish
    o Water fill by tractor trailer
    o Lifetime warranty on pool shell against structural failure
    o Includes start up and indoctrination of pool
    o Total cost = $41,522.00

    Custom Pool Options/Recommendations
    o Custom tanning ledge with curved steps to allow for swim lanes on either side = $1,246.00
    o Raised bond beam wall - wall to be sprayed with concrete shell; to be veneered with natural stone (to provide samples for selection purposes); install cap stone to match the selected pool coping = $6,011.00
    o Additional retaining wall - to terrace patio space and extend from end of pool; includes steps leading down from upper level of yard to pool deck level; includes footings, concrete, stone veneer and capping = $7,801.00
    o Pebble Sheen finish coating – Upgrade pool interior finish to Pebble Sheen product standard colors; wide range of colors and far superior finish on the market today (Estrada Design/Build is a certified Pebble Tec product pool builder) = $8,977.00 (includes credit for plaster in basic pool package above)
    o Optional LED pool lights - install (3) Intellibrite LED pool lights in lieu of standard halogen lights; color wheel lighting with various control options = $2,508.00
    o Polaris 280 vacuum – automatic vacuum with independent pump; ease of maintenance and trouble free cleaning = $1,795.00
    o Boulders - placement of approx. 10 tons of Pennsylania round boulders as accents around pool and at ends of walls; boulders to be hand picked and set by machine = $3,101.00

    Paving for Pool Deck
    o Pool deck area is suggested to be 1,000 square feet (minimum - homeowner can add more if desired)
    o Grade patio areas to allow for a base depth of approx. 5-6”
    o Compact sub grade and install geotextile underlayment to protect the new base material
    o Install 6" of compacted CR-6 base material for an adequate base for the paving
    o Screed a 1” bed of concrete sand
    o Suggest using Techo - Bloc Blu paver or equal
    o Cut all edges and install ‘soldier course’ border (as needed depending on paver style selected)
    o Compact paving stones and install Polymeric joint sand
    o Compact again and clean off the patio
    o 5 year warranty on all labor – lifetime warranty on pavers given by manufacturer
    o Total cost for back yard paving as described above = $15,501.00

    Decorative Aluminum Fence
    o Install Jerith or equal powder coated aluminum fence (black)
    o 54" tall fence to meet Anne Arundel County Pool Code
    o All posts to be set in concrete for stability
    o Install arched gate on driveway side of for a decorative entrance
    o Install standard gate on opposite side of house for and extra entrance for maintenance etc.
    o Total cost = $11,391.00

    The total project seems to be in the 110K area, well above my 85K budget. 'm just wondering where the value is and where to start cutting.

    700 sq. ft./30,000 gal, gunite pool; Pebble Sheen Aqua Blue Finish, Salt Water Generator, Pentair Heat Pump

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    Re: Getting started in Maryland

    It seems right in line to me. You might be able to do the landscaping and extra decking yourself or hire it out to a landscaping company and save a little. Same with the fencng.
    24' round above ground, 13500 gallons, vinyl liner, 18" Sand Filter

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    Re: Getting started in Maryland

    If you need to cut roughly $25K, the only way you are going to get there is to cut the Pebble Sheen to begin with and the raised bond beam (there just aren't that many big dollar items to cut in your list). Both of which are largely cosmetic, meaning you can finish the project and swim without them. I'm quite sure PS lasts longer than plaster, but plaster will last good and long with well maintained water quality. I'm assuming that the retaining wall is required. Those two cuts are only $15K though. You can also downgrade to a three-rail split rail fence and still do aluminum entry gates and do that all yourself and probably save 1/2 of the fence cost. You don't need to do the non-gate posts in concrete, at least for a split rail, maybe you would for aluminum. That's how I would cut $20K if I had to. Poured concrete decking might get you the rest of the way there. We are using a PB from your area and going with Stonemakers for the decking/retaining wall/steps. There could be some savings using that product for everything. Ours is almost done if you'd like to see a live sample some day.

    I wouldn't like any of my suggestions if I were you though because once you envision getting something, it's hard to downgrade. The Stonemakers would be my only exception to that thought. Tough choices. Or pony up!

    How many quotes have you received? I would suggest 4 or 5 to get not only prices, but also a variety of thoughts/options for things, especially since you have some slope to work with.

    Separately, LED prices seem high for three.

    Best of luck during these exciting times!
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    Hayward equipment (cartridge filter, 2-speed pump, SWCG, automation) View Our Build
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    Re: Getting started in Maryland

    This is St. Louis pricing, so take it with a grain of salt, but we have almost the exact same size pool 38x18:
    - Pebblesheen can be given for cost of pebbletec, saved us $2-$3k
    - Fencing is going to cost me $7k installed with two gates
    - I paid $500 more per LED light, so yours should be around $1,500 extra not $2,500
    - We are using kool deck at $7.95 a sq ft, so half the cost of pavers

    maybe go with plaster for now and do the pebblesheen later?

    I bet if you were comfortable with the builder and a $95k-$100k project total you could negotiate to that price.
    Build under way:

    42'-18' Freeform Shotcrete pool. 3'6"-8'6" depth. pebble sheen (ocean blue), IntelliFlo 4x160, Pentair Ultra Temp Model 120, System 3 Modular Media Filter, SWG

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    Re: Getting started in Maryland

    Thanks for the help. I'm probably just getting used to the pool world for sure. I'll post pics regardless of what we end up doing.
    700 sq. ft./30,000 gal, gunite pool; Pebble Sheen Aqua Blue Finish, Salt Water Generator, Pentair Heat Pump

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    Re: Getting started in Maryland

    Quote Originally Posted by clintstelfox
    Thanks for the help. I'm probably just getting used to the pool world for sure. I'll post pics regardless of what we end up doing.
    You won't get used to the pool world until your contract is signed and the dig is started! And then the real fun begins!

    I love the scope of your project and it's going to be stunning when it's all done! I want to see what that blue stone coping looks like.
    45'6" x 19' x 26' gunite pool, 43,000 gallons! 3/25/2013 renovation: Arizona Buckskin flagstone coping, NPT Verona Borba Turquoise tile & deco tile, Jules Bright Blue glass trim tile, Altima Premium Plaster in Teal, Pentair Whisperflow 2.0hp Filter Pump, Pentair 60 sq ft DE Filter with Multiport Valve. Polaris automatic cleaner.

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