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Thread: pumps and plumbing

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    pumps and plumbing

    ok here goes:
    purchased a home last fall with a 20k gallon pool. it is currently running a 1hp pentair pump dated 2007 thru a DE filter (not sure of the size). also has a booster pump for a waterfall feature and another pump for the hot tub jets.
    the main pump output is routed thru the heater and whenever the pump is on the heater power is also on (it only heats if I switch it on) is this bad for the heater equipment?

    I am considering replacing all 3 pumps with a variable or 2 speed pump (high electrical rates here in So cal), do you think this may be more than 1 pump should handle?

    my thoughts are to route the outputs primarily to the pool returns and then through 3 way valves to the water feature and heater with the heater output going to my spa jets. Currently to use the spa, i have the main pump heating the water and the booster pump for the jets. With both pumps running it is quite loud, and I only intend to use the heater for the spa (which doesnt get that much use anyway). I could then put the heater on a seperate switch so it isnt powered up 8 hrs a day and only turn it on when i want to use it?

    I think it would be better if my waterfall had some flow everyday for cleanliness, if I dont run it for few days it is embarrasing to turn on and watch the dirt run off. so I would route part of my returns thru it.

    this all seems to make since to me, but I thought I would check with the experts to see what you all thought?

    thanks for all the info
    20K gallon plaster pool with spillover spa; Pentair 1 1/2hp main pump. Pentair FNSP 60 DE filter. 1/2hp pump to waterfall, 1hp pump for 6 spa jets.

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    Re: pumps and plumbing

    One side point, in many locations it is a code violation to have anything other than the pump connected to the same breaker.
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    Re: pumps and plumbing

    Welcome to TFP!

    You can run everything with a single variable speed pump, however it will take a noticeable amount or re-plumbing at the equipment pad and possibly some other equipment changes. Also, if the waterfall is on the larger side you might not be able to run the waterfall and the spa at the same time. With a two speed pump there is no chance of having the spa and waterfall running at the same time. For this to work your filter and heater need to be able to handle a much higher flow rate than they do now. The heater is fairly easy to deal with, as you can install a heater bypass for the excess water. But the filter will need to already be fairly large or replaced with a fairly large filter.

    It is normal to run the main pump through the heater all the time and to have the heater turn on with the pump.

    You probably don't want to put the heater on a separate switch. You don't generally want the heater turned on when the pump is off. There is a safety interlock that should prevent problems, but those are not completely reliable and it is best to have the extra layer of protection that you have now.

    An automation system would make the one pump setup much simpler to operate. Otherwise you need to move valves and change motor speed manually each time you want to turn on or off the spa/waterfall.

    Isaac-1, that code provision has been changed in many places, allowing additional devices as long as the total draw is acceptable for the breaker/wiring.
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    Re: pumps and plumbing

    On top of everything else, I am also chasing a couple of air leaks that is leading me to think of replumbing. When I do want to use the spa, the pump is sucked dry requiring me to prime the pump before I can use it. I also have to adjust valves to keep the water recirculating within the spa. So, adjusting valves with a variable pump wouldn't be that much of a problem.

    So, if I put a 3way valve off of the VS pump going to the filter or the heater/spa, I could keep the flow down 95% of the time thru the filter and out to the waterfall and pool returns. And switch it to the heater and jets with increased flow from the pump with out damaging the filter?

    Now I was looking at my current plumbing and noticed that most of my suction pipes are 2" pipes, but the returns are 1 1/2" pipes with the exception being the 2" pipe going to the jets. Is this appropriate?
    20K gallon plaster pool with spillover spa; Pentair 1 1/2hp main pump. Pentair FNSP 60 DE filter. 1/2hp pump to waterfall, 1hp pump for 6 spa jets.

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