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Thread: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

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    Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    I have a smaller yard and we are starting our pool dig next week. Right now, the plan is for a 14x30 pool that runs parallel to the house. There is a 6.5 ft wide bottleneck area between the pool and the house for a 10 ft stretch. Of the bottleneck area, 1.5 ft wide is a green space with plantings which will also serve as a drainage area for any rainwater, etc. That leaves 5 ft in width between the green area and the pool. So here's my dilemma: should I add another foot in pool width (making it 15x30) and reduce the walkway width to 4 ft in the bottleneck or should I keep the walkway 5 ft. wide through this 10 ft bottleneck and keep the pool at 14x30? We have plenty of patio space elsewhere so this bottleneck area will always remain free of any obstacles.

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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    We had 3' between our pool and the house. I'd go for more width if possible.

    p.s. This is just my opinion, I am not a structural engineer, so take it for what it's worth. Maybe $.02 adjusted for inflation.
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    For what it's worth... I don't see 14x30 listed as a size for a solar cover, but 15x30 is...
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    There are structural restrictions putting a pool near a foundation I think. We were told we needed to be 1' away from the foundation for every foot of water depth.

    I suppose my decision would depend on where the walkway goes? We have some 3' clearances on the far side of our pool and it is narrow but fine because you only go back there to brush or pull the cover out. In general I find a 48" walkway to be large and generous for most purposes.

    It might also depend on how it looks though, eg if it looks in proportion or if it looks too packed in there? Maybe stake it out to help visualize?
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    We put VERY wide decking around our pool and I have never regretted it. That you describe it as a bottleneck seems to indicate it would be nice if it were wider.
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    I would go with more pool. Only reason not to is if this area is your lounge/ sitting entertaining area if you have that else where go with more pool
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    Maybe a sketch of the area would be helpful to get the best possible answers. The big question is what do you go through the bottleneck for? If it is the main passage to the stairs and sitting area but not used once you are there, 4ft might be plenty.
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    We have 3' of walkway along one side of our pool for about 15'. It isn't ideal, and if I were doing it again I would probably make it larger, but at the same time it isn't a huge problem or anything. Narrower than 3' quickly becomes a safety issue, but 3'+ isn't so bad.
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    Re: Larger walk space or an extra 1ft in pool width?

    I vote for a 16x32.
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