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Thread: Wiring 2-speed pump for HI speed only

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    Wiring 2-speed pump for HI speed only

    Aloha guys & gals...

    Just checking in with any of you who know your electricity more confidently than I do...

    I have a Hayward 115V 1HP 2-speed pump I acquired that I am planning to use as a mobile pump for cleaning rainwater catchment tanks...only HI speed is needed, and I want to keep the switching simple (On and Off).

    The motor wiring schematic shows:
    PIN 2--Line
    PIN 3--Hi Speed Line
    PIN 4--Lo Speed Line

    I am bringing in a 3-wire, 12ga extension cord to a waterproof "ON-OFF" switch. I plan to wire nut the neutral (white) wire, and run the hot black wire (115V) through the switch, and ground to the ground screw, of course. I then plan to have the neutral (white) wire go to PIN 2, the hot black wire go to PIN 3, and the ground to the motor ground. I am completely ignoring PIN 4, since Lo speed isn't needed (and a "speed choice" switch isn't needed).

    Does this sound right to you guys?

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    Re: Wiring 2-speed pump for HI speed only

    Sounds right to me.

    Kind of odd though that pin 2 is called "line" and not "neutral" ... verbiage sounds more like a 230v pump.

    Was the switch already on the motor? I assume it is a spdt switch then that you will only use half of.
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    Re: Wiring 2-speed pump for HI speed only

    Thanks Jason...

    That's what bothered me...why would they call PIN 2 Line?

    It IS a 115V motor (I have seen it running properly at both speeds)...and no, it doesn't have the switch on the back cover, or I would just leave it that way. So my extension cord goes to a watertight ON/OFF switch, and then to the motor.

    But since the old "two switches" rig was rusty and not watertight, and also since it is getting mounted to a hand-truck for mobile use, and I'm putting a 50-foot extension cord on to power it (all ultra watertight stuff), I figured I had better check with the gang here at TFP. I figure the old rig's secondary switch (AFTER the ON/OFF switch) sent the hot 115V to either PIN 3 or PIN 4 (depending upon the switch position), with the neutral going to PIN 2...but I threw the whole "two switch rig" away a year ago, so I can't check it anymore...
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    Re: Wiring 2-speed pump for HI speed only

    They call it "line" because they use the same terminal board for 115 and 230 volt motors.
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