I am doing some mosaics and would love to see any pics of how some were arranged on sunshelf etc.

I am doing a group of sea turtles going from the shelf down the steps into the pool smallest to largest swimming out. So, 1 littel one on edge of shelf, then down to steps etc. It also came with one clown fish, so I was thinking of running to Noble tomorrow and getting a few extra for the sun shelf, maybe a few fish that kinda go with the Nemo theme on it... I don't want it to be clutterd but not naked either! I also like gecko and starfish... not sure what to do!

Once I got the turtle group and laid them out, I realized I probably needed just a few more.. thought?

I am not planning to put any markings/tiles on any of the benches.... as to not clutter the pool... but I am a little concerned that some kind of marker would be good so you can see them in the water, although we are not getting a dark finish.. so any thoughts on that?

Thanks! KIM