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Thread: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

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    Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    got our pool last year and managed to get it set up for last 3 weeks of summer. This year we have some modifications to be done but also have some questions. We may bite the bullet next year if we really like the pool this year and get one that does not come down for winter (live in Ottawa, Canada) so not investing a lot in the pool but more about the accessories that can be carried over.

    what is this foam board and cove people talk about?

    thinking about a heater but would have to be a solar one. do they really work?

    we have a rhino pad and tarp for under pool, and a freecycle solar cover.

    have a cheap vac with bag that uses hose and mesh bag to get stuff, should we invest in a better one?

    saw some pics of person who made holder for solar cover from pvc, anyone know where I can find those pics again?

    any other ideas? suggestions would be super

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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    The foamboard is what some people put under their Intex pools to make the bottom feel better and to help keep anything from puncturing the liner. It's an optional item. Cove is used on rigid wall pools to make a sloped ring at the bottom of the wall so the liner doesn't make a sharp bend and possibly get pinched at the bottom rail.

    If sized and installed correctly, solar heaters certainly do work.

    The pads and tarps are what most people use and they work fine.

    If you want to invest in a better vacuum you'll most likely have to upgrade the pump and filter if you're using the small cartridge filter and pump.

    Is This the one you're talking about. Use the Google search function at the bottom left of the page for "solar cover hanger" and you should find it if this isn't it.
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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    ty for your prompt reply! so maybe stay with the reg filter and SWG this year, and get better filter with pool next year! I did not think the gas heaters and pumps would be so darn expensive!! one can dream tho!

    this was the one I was looking for, my-16x48-ultra-frame-up-and-ready-to-go-t46201.html

    thanks for the tip about the google search, did not see it down there!

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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    Our 16' Ultra Frame Intex came with the 2650 GPH filter, and it is more than enough power to handle an upgraded vacuum. If you have trees around a good vac is a must really. However with the stock setup (over the rail on top leaf skimmer basket - that must be detached to use the vac) the suction inlet gets clogged easily. I'm upgrading to a wall mount skimmer ( when I reopen the pool soon, which should totally alleviate that issue. The net and hose/vac combo adds water to the pool, which if needed is ok, but I found I needed to vacuum out more leaves than I needed water. Also it only picks up big stuff, it won't pickup dirt since it just pushes right through the netting... If you have the smaller pump you can get one of the battery powered handheld vacuums that seem to do ok (even at picking up finer particles) but I haven't used one so I cant' really comment on that. I also made the PVC rails for the solar cover, pretty nice addon

    If you haven't seen this thread it is pretty epic!
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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    the home made solar isn't efficient enough to bother with, a few people might take issue with that but the forum posters that I personally trust as being knowledgable on the subject all say this.
    I was looking at the same sort of thing but after researching it I went with a Fafco set up, solar heating does not hinge on how hot the water is coming out of the end, what matters is how much water you can push thru the sytem, alot of warm water is better than a little bit of hot water.

    And yes they really work, we had a good summer last year and a few times I had to turn them off because the water was getting too warm for comfort.
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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    You can put a knee high stocking or panty hose on the vac head before you put the net on. It will catch more of the dirt. It's not a perfect solution but does help.
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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    Cyw95, welcome to the big challenge of heating the Intex pool. The commercial solar outfit that was pictured (second picture down) from your link on your second post is the way I would go. Easy to empty out and store for winter for you.

    I hate to say it, if you "really" like a warm pool, (I spent three years in North Dakota so I understand your need for some heat in that pool) a good solar system will be mandatory. If after a season of that or so, then you will know if you want to "up" the game and get a real gas or propane heater and operate year round or at least extend the season significantly.

    For your consideration, year round would mean insulating the side walls (floor too in your case) and having alot more insulation of some sort on top when not in use. It can be done, but with alot of DIY. Something to think about.

    Was that picture of the solar cover thing enough for you to get your cover holder going?

    Bob E.

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    Re: Newbie 16 foot intex ultra frame SWG and a few q's

    ty for your reply. I have not shown pic to hubby yet, but I think it will be sufficient to do the job (the holder I mean). Not sure if we have the room for that solar heater, we may just go with a smaller roof one ( 8x10 shed is right beside pool and gets sun from mid morning til night). Where we have the pool gets sun from 1130ish til 5pm. Just would like some extra hours after work for me!! Like in a longer with a margarita!!

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