My pool got into some bad shape from ignorance and using wrong chemicals. We drained the pool to clean up a lot of metal build up on the pool floor and are going to have to live with the staining, I guess.

But I have issues with the marcits on the corners of the steps. It must have been applied thin (which I can see possible), and with the pool chemistry not being helpful - I have several places that need patchwork.

I watched a youtube video with a guy using EZ-Patch and it may be useful. When trying to find exactly what he used, I am batting a zero. He used a powder and it also included an activator liquid and then you mixed water in for the consistance that was wanted for the job. The only EZ-Patch I have found yet did not have an activator. Not sure if this is going to work right for me or not.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can best patch up the edges of my steps? Maybe leads of videos and/or links to threads where someone has documented how they did something similar.

Thanks all,