I'm trying to get a handle on how to most efficiently run my 2010 Jacuzzi J-480 Spa. California electricity costs are killing me.

First I want to know how much power the Spa uses.

I know from the manual that the max draw for the motors, radio, and Ozone is 3.8kW. It would be helpful to know the individual motor power use.
I know the heater max draw is 2.6kW.

I'm assuming that the heater probably runs pretty close to max draw when it's turned on. And that heating is my primary cost to run.

The motors max draw is probably an over estimate of the Watt use when everything is operating. I know that I have 2 motors for the jets, I think there is a separate motor for circulation. Plus an air motor. I'm primarily concerned with the big draw pump motors and the circulation motor.

Then I need to figure out when these things run. Then I plan on getting some advice on how best to program run time to save some $$$.

Lastly, I need some help on my assumptions on the heater costs. If I set the max temperature to 100oF versus 104oF I'm assuming my saving comes from the tub not heating to the initial 104oF. Otherwise once you're at any given temperature significantly above the ambient temperature(outdoor tub) I'm assuming that the heat loss is pretty consistant. Therefore I'm assuming that it costs the same to keep the tub at 100oF as it does 104oF. Again with the exception of what it cost to heat the extra 4oF initially.

How am I doing?

I've had great success with my pool using TFP and I appreciate everyone's support.

Thanks again,