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Thread: IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

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    IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

    Sorry for the long post! I have a tiny pool with a Resilience psc-3 control box and SCC-12 cell. I understand that brand is no longer available.

    So a little backstory. I bought a foreclosure, pool was full of black water. Pool pump had been stolen. Used a sump to remove water and scrubbed the pool out. Had a pool company come out and replace pump. He said the SWG wasn't working, it wasn't coming on at all and recommended putting in a chlorine tablet drop system since it is much cheaper than a salt water system. Since I have other more pressing repair issues I told him to hold off. So, yesterday I was fiddling around the knobs on the SWG and lights came on. I took this as a sign that maybe the thing works after all. The low water flow light was on so I took the cell out to inspect it. The plates were completely coated with what I assume was calcium. I soaked the cell in muriatic acid solution several times and managed to get most of the crusty stuff out. There is still some in there but I am afraid I will certainly ruin it if I keep soaking. I put the cell back in and the insufficient water flow light is still on. I am wondering at this point if there is any point in trying to get this cell working. Should I bag it or keep working on the cell? Can I buy another cell or does it have to match the control panel?

    I am a little bit of a handy girl but have probably reached the limits of my DIY ability with regards to pool plumbing. I could install a new cell if it didn't require a lot of plumbing work but anything fancier than that will have to be hired out.

    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

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    Re: IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

    Welcome to TFP!

    You are making good progress, it seems worth a little more effort before you give up on the SWG. The flow switch is usually a separate sensor, often with it's own wire. However, some models integrate it into the cell housing. I'm not sure which style Resilience uses, but it should be possible to figure out by tracking the wires coming out of the control box. A mechanical flow switch would either be disconnected or broken. An electronic flow sensor could still be covered with scale. Disconnected and scaled should both be easy to fix, while broken means a service part which might not be so easy to come by.
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    Re: IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

    I am not familiar with your SWG, but they do have a website that might help. Here is the link:

    They show some details about the flow sensor.
    Hope you get it working!
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    Re: IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

    Thanks for the encouragement! The link is helpful, thanks. I didn't know that the little thing sticking out of one of the pipes was the flow sensor. I'm hoping it is meant to be taken off..headed back outside with my strap wrench to take a look.

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    Re: IS my SWG dead? Pool Noob here!

    OMG! Y'all are the best!! I took the flow sensor off and flipped the paddle back and forth a few times, put it back on and now the insufficient flow light is off! You have no idea how happy I am about that!

    Now on the next step of trying to get the chemistry right!

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