I am going to have a wood-burning fire pit when they install my paver patio next month. I thought I would like to have a log lighter, which I could fuel with liquid propane that I already have on site.

However, after researching it, it seems that log lighters are/may be illegal here in Massachusetts, I believe because they don't have a pilot light and there is potential for explosion if there is a leak.

First, is it true that log lighters are illegal in Massachusetts, if anyone out there can confirm?

Second, and more importantly, assuming log lighters are illegal, could I have a LP gas insert (like that used for a true LP gas firepit) installed in the fire pit and used as a log lighter? I presume that LP gas firepits are legal, whereas log lighters are not, because the LP gas inserts have a pilot light. Is this correct?

Thanks to everyone answering questions on this forum once again. It has been an incredibly helpful resource.