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Thread: Melted pump after motor replacement!

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    Melted pump after motor replacement!

    What oh what did I do wrong.

    Hayward Super II Pump

    B977 2 speed motor
    PS3868 High quality tough seals (instead of the PS-201 I had before... looked identical)

    Went to fire up pump after a couple dormant months, no dice. Popped off the end cap to see rust.. yay new motor time.
    Ordered new parts.

    Took everything apart, put it bakc together. Took pictures as I did it, double checked with pictures as I put it back together.

    Fired it up, waited, waited, figured pump was priming, waited.. stopped it.. smelled burning... Oh no.

    Took it apart again:


    Part 8,9,10,12 melted significantly (from the shaft to about 1" out)

    I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.. my thoughts:

    I think the impeller came loose. I did not screw it on with HULK strength, but I didn't think it mattered much unless...
    I somehow wired it backwards.. so the shaft spun the wrong way. (pretty sure not this.. but I'll double check.)

    Maybe this fancy high power Seal is not as compatible as it would like to think it is.

    I lubricated the shaft seal with baby oil.. (mineral oil), perhaps that was bad?

    Total runtime like 2 minutes... there was not much water there, as the pump was priming.. was that a problem?

    Any ideas?

    Furthermore, if I have to replace these parts, should I just replace the whole pump part? Something compatible with the B977, since I already have it.

    $40 impeller, $40 "pump seal plate", $15 seals.
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    Re: Melted pump after motor replacement!

    The baby oil definitely didn't help but shouldn't have done much damage beyond causing the seal to leak if even that.

    Did you fill the basket with water as much as you could before turning the pump on?

    Are you certain you installed the seal correctly. Installing it wrong would cause it to get very hot very quickly. There's a thread here about how to install one.
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