I just started my first pool cleaning company in Texas. I am very familiar with pools, Iv'e been a lifeguard and I have been cleaning my friends pool for about two years, now I am in the process of getting more customers than the two I currently have. I have replaced motors, impellers, cleaned filters and I acid washed a pool once. If there are any pool cleaners out there who read this, any advice would be great. Like how you charge your customers, do you use contracts? any special promotions? I am looking for any advice, like day to day operations or anything else you think I should consider. If you are just a pool owner and you have a pool cleaning service your advice would also be greatly appreciated. What do you like/ not like about your service? What do they do to differentiate themselves from the competition? How did you find out about them? These are just some sample questions, I do not expect anyone to answer every single question I just posted, I am just looking for some general advice and any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!