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Thread: Pump and plumbing sizing new pool install

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    Pump and plumbing sizing new pool install

    I am currently ordering all of my equipment for a new 30k gallon pool with waterfall and 8x10 oval attached spillover spa for our home. I need some guidance on plumbing and pumping setup and equipment selection. My day job is instrumentation and control system related.

    I am going to purchase a variable speed pump for the waterfall/pool filtration/heating duties.

    The specifics for the spa are that I am going to plumb the heater and filter on a return loop. I will have 12 waterway poly storm jets. 6 of the jets will be in the 3 pack jet arrangements for the wife and I. The additional 6 jets will be one per seat for our 4 children and/or company. I have waterway channel drains purchased that state 177gpm at 1.5 fps (3 bottom ports 2"S or 2.5"S external. The pump pad will be 40-50 ft from the spa. The jets require 10-15gpm flow and 10-14psi best I can determine. I will be using Jandy Never Lubes for valving and I see Flowvis makes a flow meter for use with a 2" check valve. The spa will also have a spillover. I have a Hayward 400k heater and am undecided on filter selection at the moment. It will probably be cartridge though.

    The question for this is 2.5" or 3" plumbing X2 for the jet pump or 2 jet pumps (I am going to have 2 suction and 2 return lines with the jet packs on one line and the 6 other seats on the other)?

    Would using the variable speed pump and a flow meter to determine a pump size for the spa pump/pumps be best?

    What is the efficiency gain from using 2.5 vs 3" in the setup(is it worth it)?

    Should I go with one large pump or 2 smaller pumps and what hp would be best?

    I want to get this right the first time. There is a wealth of information and knowledgable people on the forum and I would love to hear your insight. Thank you all for helping with this ambitious project. I will be opening a new thread when construction commences in a few weeks.
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    Re: Pump and plumbing sizing new pool install

    Welcome to tfp, Joe A

    I just noticed that no one has responded to your thread.

    Since you are "engineering inclined" , if you haven't already you may want to read mas985's excellent Hydraulics 101 post. There is a table a ways into the second post showing recommended piping size and number for number of spas jets. If you are going to have all 12 jets running at the same time, you will need large plumbing and you may benefit from multiple pumps. Take a look at that post, then post back with additional questions you have.
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