I live in Miami, FL and looking to put in a new pool.
It will be a 15x30 free form, with spa, heater, salt water, deck jets, lay-in, bubblers and I would like a waterfall grotto. (The works!)
My question are:
I have been told to go with travertine pavers and coping? Is this a good idea? Will algae form in the travertine or be difficult to maintain? Any other decking you might suggest?
Also, does anyone have the RicoRock waterfall grotto? It seems like a good idea..but one pool builder offered to construct thier own 4x8 grotto for about the same price
Anything specific about the spa I should ask the pool builder? I should assume it comes with its own heater? is there any extras to get with it?
Variable speed pump or 2 speed?
Finally, are there any additional details I should ask about the construction? Should the pipes be a certain size, number of returns, or anything I should be aware to ask the builder to better parts? (Maybe a slightly higher construction costs with better materials might be better off in the long run)
Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!