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Thread: A Few Questions Before I Begin

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    A Few Questions Before I Begin

    I am planning on building a BBQ at the end of my patio using galvanized studs and have a few questions before I begin. I've read many, but not all, of the posts here and haven't seen these addressed before - my apologies if I missed them.

    To begin with, the BBQ will span the 10 feet between my house and the deck column at the end of the patio. While I live in the Phoenix area and rain isn't an issue, the BBQ will be exposed to sprinkler overspray/misting on a frequent basis in the summer. MY stucco guy tells me that he can mix up a batch that will be impervious to the sprinkler spray, however, my concern is the potential for puddling and/or water infiltration beneath the galvanized base. Because of this, I plan to use a product such as Trex as a base and mount the galvanized frame base to it. I'd like your thoughts as to whether or not this is necessary (from a cost basis, it really doesn't add that much in the grand scheme of things).

    Secondly, I have a question regarding the leveling the unit. I plan on the base being approximately 30 - 36 inches deep (is there a standard/typical counter-top depth?). On the right side of the BBQ (against the house), the 30-36 inch depth has a rearward slope of 1/2"+. On the left side against the column, the slope is minimal (less than 1/4"). I realize that the ideal is to build the galvanized frame square and then shim the unit as necessary; however, since I am building this in place, might it be an idea to cut the vertical studs to whatever length necessary to provide a level counter-top? In other words, I'd be cutting the studs on the right side of the unit to 36" while the studs moving to the left would be at varying lengths ending, for example, at 35 1/8".

    Lastly (for now), this BBQ will butt against the house on the right and meet the column at an "L" on the left. The house and column are stucco over wood frame construction. Is it typical to secure the frame of the BBQ to the house or is it best to leave the unit freestanding?

    I've been procrastinating on this project for long enough and with summer (and 110 degree temps) in the not-too-distant future, I really need to get started on this. Any help or insight that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: A Few Questions Before I Begin

    Welcome to TFP! Calling all outdoor kitchen experts on this one!

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    Re: A Few Questions Before I Begin

    I'll take a stab at these:

    1) Yes, I would recommend putting something under the ODK to get it up off the ground so it is not sitting in water. Trex is a good option.

    2) Counter top depth is really just a function of what you plan to utilize equipment-wise. The section of my ODK with grill/egg is 2' deep (not including backspash and counter overhang). I have another section that is a bit deeped, maybe 28" but again this was driven by the depth of the fridge and refreshment center. Then I have a third section that I wanted to be able to sit opposite kegerator/sideburner and that was about 42" deep. I guess what I'm saying is that without a sketch showing what equipment and how you plan to utilize it is tough to say.

    3) You do want to create a bit a fall, in my opinion, on your counter tops. I am pretty sure I just built it level and shimmed the countertop, but I guess you could build it with a bit of fall but I am guessing that is going to be more work than is worth it.

    4) I'm not sure on securing it to the house or not, but my guess is that you would not. I would let each move independent .

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