I have a new pool which was just finished installing in November last year. I have never owned a pool and have so far gotten pretty good advice on owning and maintaining a pool. I have a problem,(I think) with my Dolphin Supreme. I talked to the dealership I bought the unit from and described the type of pool I was putting in and confirmed that the Dolphin would climb the walls to clean the water line. After the pool company did the initial cleaning and removed the debris in the water I dropped the Dolphin in to check it out. The unit would start up the wall but stop about 1/3 of the way up. I tried different settings and could not get it to work. After speaking to the pool supply company, they contacted Maytronics who in turn said I needed to purchase a set of Wonderbrushes for the M4. I did this and received them today. There are no instructions and I have not found anything online that tells me how to install these foam rollers. Anyone have any advice on how they install. It appears it should be fairly simple as they salesman on the phone told me they just slip in and replace the rollers in the unit now. He also told me to not let them dry out???? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.